A Knight’s Tale (119: The Foxton Staircase)

I continued tracking my son along the Oxford Canal into July 2003, beside landscaped abstracts of furrowed fields. Beyond Oxford, Sam took to the Grand Union Canal alongside which the footpaths were often completely overgrown, albeit with pleasant wild flowers, such as meadowsweet and willow herb. The many butterflies flitting about included gatekeepers, red admirals,Continue reading “A Knight’s Tale (119: The Foxton Staircase)”

A Bottle Of Rum

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A GROUP TO ACCESS ITS ENLARGED GALLERY Today I scanned another batch of negatives from the long walk of July 2003. I have managed to become slightly out of sequence, but who cares? I never had much idea of where I was, anyway. The first few were images from theContinue reading “A Bottle Of Rum”