Spectral Ponies

CLICK ON CLUSTERED, SMALLER, IMAGES TO ACCESS LARGER GALLERIES. This morning we brunched in a very crowded Otter Nurseries restaurant before driving to Emery Down, Bolderwood, and back home. As with many New Forest villages, the approach to Emery Down from Swan Green is quintessentially English. We have a row of tiny thatched cottages inContinue reading “Spectral Ponies”

‘You Know What You’ve Got’

My sinus pain was so acute this morning that I hadn’t much idea of doing anything that required getting out of a chair.  After all, I’d already got out of bed.  Jackie, however, visited the GP surgery for advice and medication.  A combination of this and another glowing autumn day made me think I reallyContinue reading “‘You Know What You’ve Got’”

The Workhouse

We enjoyed another beautifully balmy Indian summer day for our trip to Christchurch’s Red House Museum. Operated by volunteers there are sections devoted to learning about The Victorians and the twentieth century; and archeological finds going back to neolithic times.  A small garden is as informative as the rooms inside.  In particular we are toldContinue reading “The Workhouse”