An Auction Lot

The promised e-mail came from Penyards this morning. It contained a formal apology with the bonus of an end of tenancy date of 31st March. I simply thanked the writer. I took no pleasure in this, for the emotional toll was such that it feels like a Pyrrhic victory. After a small amount of filling theContinue reading “An Auction Lot”

The Catering Service

We continued packing today until we ran out of boxes. It is one of the conditions of our tenancy that we are required to ensure that smoke detectors are working and the batteries and all light bulbs are serviceable. I have written about and illustrated before the difficulty of reaching the light bulbs. Because theyContinue reading “The Catering Service”

Recycled Metals

Although the sky clouded over later, the sun gleamed over Minstead and its environs as I set off on the Matthew and Oddie walk this morning. There must have been quite a lot of rain during the night, for water streamed off the fields and into the recently drier ditches. The pothole pools were replenished.Continue reading “Recycled Metals”

Mum’s Ring

After a little more packing this morning we drove over to Shelly and Ron’s in Walkford to unload some of it for storage in their home before we move. Just around the corner from Jackie’s sister and brother-in-law, the ashes of her much-loved mother lie buried in  Woodland Burial Ground. The Walkford site is oneContinue reading “Mum’s Ring”

Why Do Estate Agents Have Such A Bad Press?

As I reported yesterday, the promised telephone call from Penyards did not come. Hopefully giving him time to sort out his desk, early this morning, I phoned the manager. I asked him if he was familiar with the situation concerning our flat. He said he was and read out his briefing. ‘That’s her version’, IContinue reading “Why Do Estate Agents Have Such A Bad Press?”

Walking The Dogs

It takes quite a lot to make me incandescent with rage, but this morning Penyards estate agents Winchester office managed it, and maintained their efforts throughout the day. On 10th of this month a prospective new tenant was shown our flat. We had, as we were told we must, given two months notice. The followingContinue reading “Walking The Dogs”

In The Brearley Mould

As planned, yesterday lunchtime Jackie drove Flo, me and Scooby to Shelly and Ron’s for a most convivial lunch and afternoon which stretched into the early evening.  A storm raged throughout the journey, the Modus wheels sending up high waves on either side as it disturbed the numerous pools across the country roads.  Despite stillContinue reading “In The Brearley Mould”

A Timeless Test

Last night I finished reading the Folio Society collection of ‘The Best of the Raconteurs‘. We have under floor electric heaters in our living room.  During one of the heavy storms just before Christmas we noticed a pool of water under the grill.  I telephoned Penyards, the owner’s agent, leaving a message as it wasContinue reading “A Timeless Test”

Proof Of Identity

This has been a reading week.  I have managed French and German philosophy, and an English historical novel.  But when it came to the electricity meter my performance was subject to certain shocks. In my experience, Southern Electric are the most reliable and understandable of the UK’s multiplicity of utility companies.  They give you aContinue reading “Proof Of Identity”