The Sound Of Tearing Grass

Humid, leaden, weather continued today, although there was no threat of rain. After a dozy morning I attempted to join Jackie in the garden. I bagged up one set of refuse before realising that this was far too optimistic following the night that had just sapped my energy. The Head Gardener finished her planting, thenContinue reading “The Sound Of Tearing Grass”

“Some Soggy Ponies”

On this dismal, dank, afternoon Jackie suggested: “let’s go find some soggy ponies”, so off we drove and the animals obliged. Foxglove and Twinkle were nowhere to be seen, for their field was under water and there was no room for them in the hen coop. Much of the moorland was similarly submerged, sometimes withContinue reading ““Some Soggy Ponies””

Yellow Ticket

The storm, having filled the deepest ditches, and extended the pools on the fields and the roads, had desisted this morning when we began the day with a shopping trip to Tesco. This supermarket, like all the other home-grown ones, is feeling the squeeze from the Germans, Lidl and Aldi. There were notices everywhere announcingContinue reading “Yellow Ticket”

Recycled Metals

Although the sky clouded over later, the sun gleamed over Minstead and its environs as I set off on the Matthew and Oddie walk this morning. There must have been quite a lot of rain during the night, for water streamed off the fields and into the recently drier ditches. The pothole pools were replenished.Continue reading “Recycled Metals”


At 3 a.m. this morning, having woken up thinking about it, I tried the link suggested last evening by the WordPress advisor. It led me to clearing the Safari cache. This seemed rather frightening. I ‘[felt] the fear and [did] it anyway’. It worked. I was then able to reformat yesterday’s post with larger photographs.Continue reading “Digging”

Darkness At Noon

It was a bright and cheerful morning when I set off this morning to walk the Shave Wood loop and survey the effects of yesterday’s storm. No more trees seem to have been uprooted or severely damaged, but there is more surface water than I have seen before. Water runs down the slightest incline, beContinue reading “Darkness At Noon”

Holly’s Beauty

Light rain began to fall just as I left home to repeat the walk I had taken with Matthew and Oddie on 7th.  This precipitation was to take the form of intermittent showers for the first three quarters of an hour or so.  During the few periods when the sun pierced the grey cloud cover,Continue reading “Holly’s Beauty”

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

The rain is back.  There was no off-road venturing this morning.  As I dripped round the ford ampersand, I sought comfort in the expectation that I would return with ‘that Brylcreem look’ which would resolve my bad hair day.  I had awoken with it sticking out all over the place. Johnny Rotten would have beenContinue reading “Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway”