A Knight’s Tale (77: “As Long As I Can Have That One”)

Within two years of qualifying as a Social Worker at Croydon I began supervising students on the course. These were one at a time until one of the established tutees gave up to become a Director of Social Services elsewhere. in mid-course. By this time I was conducting the weekly Experiential Group designed to facilitateContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (77: “As Long As I Can Have That One”)”

Reflecting Over The Best Part Of Half A Century

Towards the end of yesterday afternoon Giles collected me from home and drove me to the bird hide at Milford on Sea. It is his task to lock up the accessible public facility at 5 p.m. or dusk, whichever is earlier. We spent a happy hour in each other’s company as I benefitted from myContinue reading “Reflecting Over The Best Part Of Half A Century”


CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. Shed by trees and strewn around the garden’s beds and paths, last winter’s twigs would have filled a mattress. Those I gathered this afternoon certainly occupied the best part of one of our orange bags of ‘green’ refuse destined for the recycling centre. Father Christmas was generous with hose this year. Even so,Continue reading “Rasputin”

A Conundrum 2

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. THOSE IN GROUPS CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE IN GALLERIES. We took it easy today. Prompted by today’s post from thebikinggardener I wandered around the garden to see how our Hellebores are doing. Some way behind Geoff’s, ours are coming through. Many primulas have so far survived the winter. The shattered bitsContinue reading “A Conundrum 2”

Before And After: The Patio

Once more, wet and warm described the day’s weather. Although we have created a gravelled patio at the south end of the garden, there always was a designed one alongside the back of the house. This, in April 2014 was full of weeds and the surrounding areas were overgrown. Our project is a continuing one, soContinue reading “Before And After: The Patio”

Picnic At Ratty Rock

The year 2015 was ushered in by a warm, overcast morning. Food laid out on a table for tits and robins has been rapidly consumed over the last few days. Early on, Becky watched a small rat, with the aid of its tail wound around the table legs, speeding up to the top and availingContinue reading “Picnic At Ratty Rock”