The Bees Are Out

Propped up by my walking stick, I managed to make my way through the garden and a hundred yards or so down Downton Lane this morning. The Royal Oak pub car park had a look of spring about it. Catkins swayed in the breeze. A pair of doves, which we think must be the parents ofContinue reading “The Bees Are Out”

Through The Underpass

This morning I decided to walk through the Malwood Farm underpass and see how far I got before I gave up on what I expected to be a rather soggy terrain. It probably would have been a better idea to have stayed on the roads, or at least worn Wellingtons instead of walking shoes. EvenContinue reading “Through The Underpass”

Two Rooms

The little golden birds that flitted about our windows in today’s glorious sunshine, whilst we enjoyed our super spicy mulligatawny lunch revealed themselves to be autumn leaves frolicking in the wind. They were still swirling around me as I set off in really blustery blasts to walk to Hazel Hill, where Jackie picked me upContinue reading “Two Rooms”

The Jubilee Sports Hall

This beautiful late summer day completely dispelled yesterday’s mood.  With no particular goal in mind, I walked the length of Hillcross Avenue and into Lower Morden Lane.  Turning right alongside the cemetery I took a footpath to Worcester Park, backtracked to another pointing to Trafalgar Avenue, which brought me into Cheam, and travelled left alongContinue reading “The Jubilee Sports Hall”