Walking Better

This morning I reduced the codeine element of my pain relief and toured the garden with my camera. I was walking better as I wandered around making these images. Much of the rest of the morning was occupied with mutually supportive family telephone conversations. This afternoon we took a drive into the forest. A chestnutContinue reading “Walking Better”

A Stag Party

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A GROUP TO ACCESS ITS GALLERY, ANY MEMBER OF WHICH CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE BY SCROLLING DOWN AND CHECKING BOX AT BOTTOM RIGHT. Becky and Ian returned this morning to their home at Emsworth. This afternoon Jackie drove Flo, Dillon and me out for a drive in the forest.Continue reading “A Stag Party”

Pumpkins And Pizzas

Wollaton Hall is an Elizabethan country house of the 1580s standing on a small but prominent hill in Wollaton Park, Nottingham, England. The house is now Nottingham Natural History Museum, with Nottingham Industrial Museum in the out-buildings. Its additional interest for us is that Noel Gervis Pearson, a great great grandfather of Louisa’s two childrenContinue reading “Pumpkins And Pizzas”

That’s What Wellies Are For

David and Jen also gave us wine and stilton for Christmas this year.  It was therefore appropriate that their box should take the tie overflow (see yesterday’s post).  But who wears ties these days? Once again we were waterlogged.  Knowing, when I set out to walk the Emery Down loop via Mill Lane, that IContinue reading “That’s What Wellies Are For”

Carry On Walking

It was such a glorious day that we decided to set off early to find some of the wonderful locations we had stumbled on yesterday.  Jackie drove me as far as Deadman Hill on Roger Penny Way, with an agreement to meet in Frogham carpark after two hours.  Shortly before I reached Ashley Walk onContinue reading “Carry On Walking”