Who’s Up Here?

Whoever has again begun to decorate the letter box on Pilley Street must have applied this before the recent Women’s World Cup Soccer final.

It was a most unusual herd of cattle grazing on the green there that, instead of displaying their customary curiosity and approaching me for a better view, quickly moved off at a trot and showed me clean sets of heels and bony hips.

Shetland ponies on the opposite side of the road simply pressed on with their important pasturage business.

Who was perched upon South West Cradles’s crane in New Road, Blackfield but Superman and Wonder Woman?

This evening we dined on Jackie’s colourful fried vegetable rice with tempura prawns, two hot and spicy types of the shrimps preparations, and vegetable spring rolls, with which she drank more of the chardonnay and I drank more of the GSM.

Heroes And Heroines


Most of my day was spent on wrestling with administration involving phone calls, some of which were not returned; form filling the requirements of which were unclear; and e-mails, one of which I had never received. I really can’t be bothered to go into details on this, save to say Jackie drove me to Hordle Post Office to catch the last post, and to obtain a leaflet listing the entrants to the Hordle Scarecrow Trail, and giving me the opportunity of photographing a few more scarecrows.

Scarecrow 1

Heroes and Heroines is this year’s theme. The first example we encountered today was ‘Firefighter and rescued cat’, outside Flanders House in Silver Street.

Scarecrow 2

The fireman’s phone flashed blue at intervals.

Scarecrow 4

Next came ‘Superman’ at the Hordle Crossroads Garage.

Scarecrows 1

The residents of 62 Everton Road celebrated the ‘Unsung Heroes – Our NHS Nurses’.

Scarecrows 2

Laid out on a bed was a poor unfortunate

Scarecrows 5

flanked by an equally startled looking Theatre Nurse S. Crow

Scarecrow 7

and eager Sister Strawman.

Scarecrows 4

Pressing where indicated on the victim’s device elicits an agonised cry of pain.

Scarecrow 5

Jeremy Hunt is the Conservative M.P. who has been Minister of State for Health since 2012. It was a witty stroke to provide him with a pair of crutches.

Scarecrows 3

Perhaps there was another joke in propping him up beside

Scarecrow 6

Nurse Gladys Emmanuel, who’s mystical boudoir so entranced Ronnie Barker in the the television sitcom ‘Open All Hours’.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s sublime beef pie with marvellous gravy; boiled potatoes, carrots, broccoli and green beans. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I started another bottle of the Fleurie.



Famous People

Downton LaneEarly this morning I walked down to the Spar shop to buy milk, collect Sheila’s Guardian newspaper, and post her cards. Along the front wall of Cherry Tree Cottage in Shorefield Road stand three trees identical to one in our garden. On previous occasions I have knocked at the door of the house to ask for their identification. No-one has been at home. This morning, I stopped a man who was driving out from there and asked him. ‘I’m no gardener,’ he said. ‘Just golden conifers. We bought them because they are a different colour.’ At least that gave us something to go on. Golden conifers Cherry Tree CottageOur research threw up Leylandii false cypresses. Although we are not quite convinced, it is possible that we have one of those.

This morning Jackie drove Sheila and me around:Scarecrow Trail                                                             We had toured Bisterne’s similar display last year, so were pleased to find one on our doorstep. In fact, Jackie had investigated the possibility of our entering the competition. Unfortunately, we live on the wrong side of Christchurch Road to be considered Hordle residents. Never mind, that means we count as Milford on Sea and entitles us to the monthly Village Voice magazine, which is quite interesting and contains details of all activities in that area.Scarecrow Lady Gaga After admiring today’s hairstyle of Lady Gaga, we bought a map of the trail in Classic Cuts hairdressers at 40 Stopples Lane.Scarecrow Barbara Woodhouse At No. 32, Everything Pets featured Barbara Woodhouse with dogs.Scarecrow Charlie Chaplin Charlie Chaplin, we thought one of the best, gave Jack and Dave plugs at the entrance to number 111A.Scarecrows Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie, Miss Marple Agatha Christie was backed by two of her creations, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, outside 4 Heath Road.Scarecrow Florence Nightingale Next door, at number 6, Florence Nightingale was being crucified, thus, as Jackie pointed out, making her the only true scarecrow.Scarecrow Dick Turpin At No 10 Dick Turpin brandished his pistol in front of a carriage that was invented long after his time. The competition has three categories: Business, Individual, and Junior. There is a certain amount of duplication in the subject matter. The first we came across was of The Queen. One entry, at 33 Lavender Road was Junior. I particularly like the twist in the body of this one:Scarecrow The Queen 1 Scarecrow The Queen 2                The other, at 25 Pinewood Road, in which a teddy bear had been conscripted to represent a corgi, was an Individual. I thought it fairly unlikely that Her Majesty would read The Sun.Scarecrow Bear Grylls We may easily have missed a second Bear (Grylls), had Sheila not spotted him up a tree at Scarecrow Moeen Ali22 Stopples Lane, and I almost did overlook the brilliant touch of the cricket ball in the Junior entry at 41 Lavender Road, where Moeen Ali stood padded up.Scarecrows Simon Cowell and baby At 49 Ashley Lane, Simon Cowell presents his recently acquired offspring to his fans and enemies alike.Scarecrow Simon Cowell Hordle Pharmacy also featured this gentleman who they kept inside out of the rain. Possibly the censor had exercised some influence over these two exhibits that revealed rather less hairy chest than Mr Cowell would sometimes prefer.Scarecrow Usain Bolt Usain Bolt takes a rest outside No 102.Scarecrow William Shakespeare William Shakespeare took a little searching out along a footpath to 20 Larch Close. Someone had had the good sense to provide him with an umbrella, which Moeen could certainly have done with.Scarecrow Superman

A smiling Superman soars over a fence at 62 Everton Road.Scarecrows Ken Dodd and The Diddy Men Further along, at number 14, the forecourt of Hordle Post Office has been converted to Knotty Ash in order to accommodate Ken Dodd and The Diddy Men.Scarecrow Emmeline Pankhurst
Next door to the Pharmacy lies the W.I. Hall outside which Emmeline Pankhurst has chained herself to the railings.
Anyone wishing to know more about the subjects of these scarecrows is invited to consult a suitable search engine, since they are all Famous People, which was the theme of the competition.
This evening Jackie, Flo, and I dined at The Jarna, where we enjoyed the usual excellent fare.