Starring Seed Pods

Today, by our standards, unseasonably hot for September, was definitely one for sprinkling the garden. Even the wicker owl appreciated its shower. By late morning we had become too heated to complete our work on pruning, cutting up, and composting the wisteria, seen here from above and below. While taking the overhead wisteria pictures IContinue reading “Starring Seed Pods”

Conquering Everest

Soon after dawn this morning, a couple of sleek, dark, lean looking adult starlings led a pair of fluffy fat fledglings onto the roof above their nest. A friendly young blackbird, like the lonely child watching others playing, attempted to join the group. It was chased off by Mum and Dad. Naturally I dashed, such asContinue reading “Conquering Everest”

The Garden Map

Come for a further wander down the garden paths. Stepping out of the utility room stable doorway, we meet this little rose that was bramble-bound last year. This frilly new pink poppy sits quite well against the red Japanese maple, visible from the kitchen window. Opposite our small patch of grass, we think designed for aContinue reading “The Garden Map”

The Tour Continues

This morning we drove to Highcliffe for coffee with Caroline and Keith Martin, with whom Margery had put us in touch. This was a very enjoyable meeting. All thanks to Margery. Meanwhile our garden tour continues. We call this Elizabeth’s red climbing rose, because it is in a bed she cleared last autumn. A beeContinue reading “The Tour Continues”

Come Along With Me

A north wind gusting at 25+ m.p.h. took the heat out of a gloriously sunny morning. Early on there was a distinct, or should I say, indistinct, flurry of activity around the bird table, particularly as the parent starlings were feeding themselves for a change. These shots were taken through the window because I didn’t wantContinue reading “Come Along With Me”