Off The Leash

The morning was spent in Lymington Hospital, to and from which Jackie drove me. First off was a physiotherapy appointment for my hand. This is apparently doing well. I need not see the therapist again, but will continue finger straightening exercises and massage myself for another six weeks. We then had a wait for an orthopedic appointment to discuss the knee x-ray results. I have no cartilage either behind the kneecap or on the left side, but there is some left on the right. The pain relief is working, and with careful management of that, I am encouraged to walk on the flat. On our return, the wind having desisted, we toured the garden replacing hanging baskets which, Jackie having taken them down before the gales, suffered minimal damage. Flies on peach rose

On the peach roses A fly was supervising its infant on its first outing into the world. Can you see the baby?


Another attractive variety of allium has flourished.

After lunch, Jackie drove me to the pharmacy at Milford on Sea to collect co-codomol which had been omitted from the medication collected yesterday. The fact that twice the normal amount of tablets had been left for me was rather ironic, since I had agreed with the physiotherapist that I would ween myself off them and turn to paracetamol. I now have a telephone appointment to discuss this with G.P. Dr. Moody-Jones. Footpath with walkers on horizon On the strength of all this, Jackie left me at the green at Milford and I walked up Park Lane, joining the cliff top path at The Beach House, turning into West Road and home through Shorefield. OK, it was a little more than the recommended half an hour, and not totally flat, but I managed it with just a few aching muscles that had not really been put to use for six months. Gardener tending roses

I had a long talk with a gentleman tending his roses in his small plot opposite the bus shelter in Milford.

Seascape with Isle of Wight

The wind coming off The Solent was still strong

Windsurfer and yachtYacht and Isle of Wight

enough for a windsurfer and a few small yachts to relish its power, and,

Bench and yachtDog walker and yacht

passing an empty bench, a woman, already being propelled along by the gusts, strained to contain one of her dogs.


A new set of warning signs has been posted along the cliff top since I was last here.

Honeysuckle and caterpillar

Attracted by honeysuckle in the hedgerow leading to West Road, I thus avoided missing


the rather splendid caterpillar lurking in the shadows. I rather like its red warning lights. Can you see it in hiding?

I definitely felt that Cheryl, the physiotherapist, had let me off the leash.

This evening we dined on smoked haddock fish cakes with cheese centres and topping; parsley sauce from our own crop; piquant cauliflower cheese; firm young peas and creamy mashed potato; followed by Lymington-grown tangy strawberries and vanilla ice-cream.

Smoked haddock fishcakes meal

Pretty as was the presentation of the meal,

Smoked haddock fishcakes meal on a plate

it tastes better off the plate.


  1. I quite like the look of that dinner Derrick! We too are being buffeted by high winds today after yesterdays rather spectacular flooding event. The river of trapped water rushed past the bottom of my part of the street, and I had good reason to be grateful for the slight rise in the road that meant we were not in danger. An old folks hospital and many homes were evacuated in a rain storm that dumped three months worth of rain in a 24 hour period. Your title for yesterdays post is in my mind!

  2. Restaurant Jackie could be tourist destination. Yum! And I was riveted by the caterpillar. I did see it behind the blossom in the first picture. Glad you did too.

  3. I’m finding Jackie’s menus quite inspiring, I have to say. I enjoy the anticipation of reading your posts to find out what you’ve been having for dinner!

  4. Great post. Glad your hand is getting back to normal. 😉

    I suppose you could sell the extra tablets – street value would provide a bonus ( which could help pay the lawyer when you get caught). It is amazing how the system can create this abundance of extra medication, while complaining about drug abuse and cost over runs a health care network.

    Find it fascinating how the swimming was forbidden because of WW II remains – history is always with us. If a beach is closed in our region it is because of a blue algae bloom, and those only started happening in the last few years with the steady rise in summer temperatures.

  5. What a difference a day can make. Although choppy, the water is blue and not all gray and white! I clicked on the peach rose and I was able to see the baby fly. Beautiful photos!

    I’m glad to hear your hand is coming along. My husband has had several knee surgeries to both knees, and because one knee no longer had cartilage, he had it replaced. He is very happy with the new knee. The other knee is an original and still gives him pain sometimes. It does sound like your walk was ambitious considering the directions you were given. I don’t always follow directions perfectly either. Look at everything you would have missed 🙂

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