CLICKING ON ANY IMAGE IN THE GROUP GIVES ACCESS TO ITS GALLERY, ANY MEMBER OF WHICH CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE BY SCROLLING DOWN AND CHECKING BOX AT BOTTOM RIGHT Early this morning Jackie drove me to Lymington Hospital where I underwent a posterior capsulotomy. This was nowhere near as nasty as it sounds. SixtyContinue reading “Parched”

900 Years Of History

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A GROUP TO ACCESS ITS GALLERY, INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS OF WHICH CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE BY SCROLLING DOWN AND CHECKING BOX AT BOTTOM RIGHT. Steady rain fell all morning. This, therefore, seemed to be the day to visit Lymington Hospital to subject myself to blood tests and x-rays at theirContinue reading “900 Years Of History”

Off The Leash

The morning was spent in Lymington Hospital, to and from which Jackie drove me. First off was a physiotherapy appointment for my hand. This is apparently doing well. I need not see the therapist again, but will continue finger straightening exercises and massage myself for another six weeks. We then had a wait for anContinue reading “Off The Leash”

You’ve Got To Hand It To Her

Two consecutive posts with ‘hand’ in their titles, shows that yesterday, at least, our subconsciouses were working overtime. Today, you see, I received my Dupuytren’s fasciectomy. This was performed by Mr Simon Richards at ¬†Knightwood Ward, Lymington Hospital. He and rest of the team were friendly, efficient, and considerate. Although I was given a squeezyContinue reading “You’ve Got To Hand It To Her”

‘Carer Fills The Dosset Box’

After yesterday’s trip I have to accept I can no longer just wait for my right knee to heal itself. Today, apart from a drive to the GP’s, I have furniture walked, with not a glimmer of polish. Given that Jackie is awaiting surgery on her left knee, she has speculated that we might doContinue reading “‘Carer Fills The Dosset Box’”

Back In Time For Bargain Hunt

We now have quite a variety of daffodils in the garden. Here are some new ones: Once they start turning an attractive ochre colour, the camellias develop¬†an additional beauty. Numerous different pansies, some newly planted, some having prospered through the winter, enjoyed a warm, sunny day. Hyacinths are really indoor plants, but it is alwaysContinue reading “Back In Time For Bargain Hunt”

In The Verges

Today was sunny and warmer. I made my way this morning down to Roger’s footpath and back. This was more of a hobble than a ramble, but the swelling on the knee has subsided and I have left off the Ibuprofen. To be found in the verges of Downton Lane are: CrocusesCelandines Primroses Primulas MoreContinue reading “In The Verges”

Lal Quilla

This morning Jackie drove us to Lymington Hospital where she had her knee x-rayed. We were very impressed with this well-laid out building, making it easy to find the walk-in service, and the efficiency of that provision when we arrived. Afterwards we parked behind the High Street and walked down to the quay, where JackieContinue reading “Lal Quilla”