‘Mum’s So Lucky’


Aaron, who is A.P. Maintenance, made much further progress on the fencing he is now building to repel the abandoned North Breeze boarders.

Aaron fencing

I made him an A4 print of this shot. He was very chuffed with it.


The sunlight providing the dappled effect soon disappeared, so it wasn’t available by the time I noticed the gladioli Priscilla blooming in the New Bed.

Robin joined Aaron a little later, and they ran out of nails. Jackie and I bought some more fromΒ Mole Country Supplies.

This afternoon drove to Shelly and Ron’s barbecue in Walkford, a little later than planned. Jackie had made some wonderful rice and egg salads as a contribution to the event catering. In my keenness to render assistance in the transfer of the dishes to the car I had

Smashed balsamic vinegar

a minor mishap with a fairly full glass bottle of balsamic vinegar that I managed to knock from a cupboard onto the tiles below.

Ever since 18th September 2013 when I perpetrated an even more disastrous spillage, we have had a catch phrase, ‘Mum’s so lucky……..’ This, it’s full form continuing ‘……… to have Dad to help her’, was coined by Becky to describe such an incident. Those words passed my lips as I began the task of clearing up.

We arrived safely, and enjoyed the usual brilliant barbecue with plentiful salads, and desserts. We shared a convivial and entertaining few hours with the usual gang, friends for over thirty years, and relatives, including Helen and Bill, Anthony, Neil,and Donna. I believe a certain amount of alcohol was imbibed.


  1. My immediate thought when I saw the fist photograph was “isn’t he supposed to not bend down for that kind of work?” but I guess youth has many excuses that age forgets. The beautiful upright gladioli seemed to be a reminder that the youngsters did not seem to have much trouble scrambling back to their tall selves again. If I were to tend to my garden in the same position it would probably be a disaster for my back πŸ˜€
    My other thought with the last photograph was “what a pity for the balsamic vinegar” as it is one of my favourites but hopefully you had more in store. Have you ever tried “velours balsamique” by the way? It is so much richer in taste than the normal balsamic vinegar, even surpassing by far the taste of “aceto di modena” from the classical modena recipe which is supposed to be the birthplace of all vinegars. I think some actually use it on ice creams and other desserts πŸ™‚

    1. That was a very perceptive link between Aaron and the gladiolus. If the name “velours” means anything it should live up to your description. I’ll suggest we look out for it. Thanks a lot.

  2. I wonder if Gladioli Priscilla knows her name. Or do gladioli call themselves by other names? Frilly petal pretties, perhaps?
    Sorry about your mishap. Recently we bought new dinner plates which are slightly rounded and far too heavy for me. I fully expect to drop one whenever I carry it from counter to table. Knowing my luck I’ll drop it on my foot….

  3. Hi Derrick, Mums never let us forget either LOL.. And thankfully it was only balsamic.. It could have been a bottle of Red.. now there would have been a disaster lol.. haha.. Glad you enjoyed your BBQ Derrick.. and lovely photos xx

  4. Family in-jokes are great, and so is spending time with friends of more than thirty years. Despite the small accident, it sounds like a great day.

    “I believe a certain amount of alcohol was imbibed.” πŸ™‚

  5. I am envious of your gladiolas – ours are looking a bit dwarf-ish this year. It’s funny how some plants do so well one year, while others don’t. We had a deep freeze winter and much to my surprise the roses are loving it, the delphiniums, well, there just being lazy. However, everything is beautiful in the world of secret gardens (even the weeds have a certain cache, or at least, they are a great way to relieve stress). I’m having a cocktail right now, a tangerine sparkling water with vodka and some ground up mint and basic, it’s my version of a Mojito.
    To your health,


    1. Many thanks for reading and comment, Harlon. It gave me a good sense of you and your setting. We had a very mild winter which has helped everything, but it is Jackie’s nurturing and replenishing every inch of soil that is reaping rewards this year.

      1. There’s nothing quite as nurturing and splendid as a women’s touch. I do enjoy your blog as I think you do such a wonderful job of capturing the joy in each day. It is so down to earth, that is refreshing, like a nice Pinot Grigio. I doubt Ontario wines make it as far as where you are, but I encourage you to check one out – we are rather famous for our ice wines if you are looking for a nice dessert wine. Carpe diem! Harlon

  6. I love that little family line…not to mention your glads. They made me think I should add them to my garden’s fence border…As for the balsamic, my first thought was that it looked like an accident scene. Too much murder mystery reading lately…

  7. The dappled lighting was a wonderful way to capture Aaron, the fence repairman’s, essence. <3
    I actually felt your photograph of the gladioli, Priscilla, was totally gorgeous, in every way!

  8. Are you sure some alcohol wasn’t imbibed beforehand and contributed to the spillage? It’s a good thing Jackie is the one who drives. πŸ˜‰

  9. No point in crying over spilled vinegar πŸ˜‰ As we might say in Maine, sounds like you had the finest kind of evening with your friends.

  10. I cringed in sympathy over the vinegar, as Klutziness is my not-so-secret superpower. Lovely glad, though, and it will be wonderful to have secure borders. The critters have found the secret flaw in my back neighbour’s fence, so that robins appear to hop and squirrels to slink through the chain-link like magic.

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