Compassion Recovered

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Apart from the collapse of the Compassion rose arch, the recent storms have treated us with respect. The clematis and solanum have remained attached to the dead tree. Orange crocosmia still stands at the potting shed entrance to the Rose Garden, while yellow and orange thrive harmoniouslyContinue reading “Compassion Recovered”

The Lady Of Shalott

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENHANCE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. This morning I made this crop of a photograph taken at Burley in May, and Jackie turned it into a birthday card for Bill, whose party we were to attend later. Among the various tasks carried out by Aaron was heavily pruning a spent philadelphus. Bending theContinue reading “The Lady Of Shalott”

‘Mum’s So Lucky’

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Aaron, who is A.P. Maintenance, made much further progress on the fencing he is now building to repel the abandoned North Breeze boarders. I made him an A4 print of this shot. He was very chuffed with it. The sunlight providing the dappled effect soon disappeared, soContinue reading “‘Mum’s So Lucky’”

The Caribbean Sea

Today was another rainswept blustery day, so I returned to my photographic archives and scanned a dozen slides from May 2004. This was the month in which Sam completed his Atlantic Row, which I have featured from time to time. During the few days waiting for him to arrive in Port St Charles, Barbados, andContinue reading “The Caribbean Sea”