Ron And Shelley’s Barbecue

Shelly and Ron had managed to choose a day at the height of the heatwave for this year’s traditional summer barbecue. My leg had improved enough for me to produce all these photographs without leaving my seat. Each participant is named in the gallery. We enjoyed Ron’s usual splendid barbecue meats – lamb kebabs, beefContinue reading “Ron And Shelley’s Barbecue”

A Knight’s Tale (89: Sam’s First Cut)

In September 1982 we shared a Gite with our friends Ann and Don in Brittany. The group nearest the centre of this underpopulated beach at Bréhec include Jessica, Ann, and Sam. a string of gleeful children danced their way to the ocean;  a lone woman passing them traversed the beach. Hand in hand, Jessica and Ann led SamContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (89: Sam’s First Cut)”

A Family Event

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. This afternoon we attended the third family event in three days. This was Shelly’s birthday party. Here, Jackie’s sister Helen sits with Shelly’s mother-in-law Daphne. Father-in-law Ray smiles beside Shelly and Malcolm, probably checking the cricket score on his mobile. Ron, here taking a break and joiningContinue reading “A Family Event”

The Lady Of Shalott

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENHANCE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. This morning I made this crop of a photograph taken at Burley in May, and Jackie turned it into a birthday card for Bill, whose party we were to attend later. Among the various tasks carried out by Aaron was heavily pruning a spent philadelphus. Bending theContinue reading “The Lady Of Shalott”

A Sausage And How To Eat It

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. THOSE IN GROUPS ACCESS GALLERIES THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE BY SCROLLING DOWN THE PAGE AND CLICKING ON THE RELEVANT BOX. This afternoon we visited Danni and Andy for a housewarming barbecue. First we were given the guided tour of their lovely Victorian semi-detached house. I couldn’t resist photographingContinue reading “A Sausage And How To Eat It”

‘Mum’s So Lucky’

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Aaron, who is A.P. Maintenance, made much further progress on the fencing he is now building to repel the abandoned North Breeze boarders. I made him an A4 print of this shot. He was very chuffed with it. The sunlight providing the dappled effect soon disappeared, soContinue reading “‘Mum’s So Lucky’”

Slightly Better Than Expected

The Canonical Hours are the seven prayer times in the day developed by the Roman Catholic Church. Ritualised offices are said, at three hourly intervals, in private or in groups. In her novel ‘China Court’, which I finished reading today, Rumer Godden has chosen to give each of her seven chapters a name of one ofContinue reading “Slightly Better Than Expected”

Park Life Curtain Call

Today I finished scanning the Park Life prints from 20th July 1996. Here is the third and final set: This afternoon, Jackie and I enjoyed a barbecue at Cathy and Rob’s in Highcliffe. This was the first dry day in four, so we were all very fortunate. Very good quality tasty burgers and sausages wereContinue reading “Park Life Curtain Call”

A Mirror Image

In erecting a climbing frame for the juvenile roses, Aaron completed his invaluable contribution to their playground. The top bar was the stair rail; the posts had been found lying about in the undergrowth; we bought the retaining spikes. Jackie couldn’t wait to plant the Aloha. Jackie drove us to Mat and Tess’s new home inContinue reading “A Mirror Image”

A Ring Of Truth

Early this morning Jackie, Don and I shopped in Acres Down Farm shop and went on to All Saints Church, first described on 24th December last year.  While Jackie diverted to Minstead Village Shop, Don and I wandered around the churchyard in bright sunshine, before we all three explored the inside. Particularly interesting to ourContinue reading “A Ring Of Truth”