Hordle Village Fair


Those who had worked so hard to create today’s Hordle Village Fair woke up to a forecast of rain from 3.00 p.m.. The event was to begin at 1.00 p.m.. In fact, although we were beset by heavy clouds, rain held off until soon after four. Jackie and I paid a visit.

Clown and child

A yellow clown, reminiscent of Barrie Haynes’s pink bunny persona for Bournemouth Lions fundraising events, entertained children and adults alike. I’m sure Barrie could identify the classic car standing on the left, and the others lined up in the background. The round balls seen atop one of them light up when the occasion arises. It is a Belgian hearse belonging to the creator of the Pied Piper of Hamelin scarecrow.

Hordle Village Fair 1Hordle Village Fair 2Hordle Village Fair 3

People of all ages toured the wide open spaces and visited the well spread out stalls around them.

Dog and legs

There were quite a number of dogs towing their owners.

Hordle Village Fair 4

Plant sales aroused plentiful interest.


A couple of woman span happily in their tent;

Knitted puppets

other handicraft included knitted hand puppets,




and various textile items examined by these young ladies.

Hordle Village Fair 5

A long colourful caterpillar was a children’s maze;

Mr Bounce 1

and there was a rubber slide.

Mr Bounce 2


Mr Bounce 3

and girls had stereotypically different approaches to the downward trip.

Rapunzel scarecrow

Although the scarecrows were mostly still displayed outside their homes, one Rapunzel had found her way to the recreation ground.

Liberty's Owl, Raptor & Reptile Centre

One very popular tent was that of the Liberty Owl, Raptor & Reptile Centre. Jackie and I

Perlin 1Harris Hawk 1

just had to investigate the occupants like these hawks

White Headed Vulture 1White Headed Vulture 2

and the White Headed Vulture.

Raptor Audience 1

As soon as an announcement was made that there would be a handling display of these raptors, a crowd gathered around the showing enclosure,

Harris Hawk 3

Hawk handling

and were entertained by a most eloquent and informative handler in complete control of his birds. Even the clown was rapt.

Harris Hawk 2

A photographer on the other side of the enclosure, like me, waited for the hawk to take off.

White Headed Vulture 3White Headed Vulture 4White Headed Vulture 5

The bird man did his best to convince us that the White Headed Vulture was not as ugly as she was painted.

Clayesmore Pipe Band 1Clayesmore Pipe Band 2Clayesmore Pipe Band 3

Music was provided by the Clayesmore Pipe Band of Christchurch.

Army Cadets

Army cadets provided an information tent and were responsible for gathering up stray monkeys.

This evening we dined on pork and jalapeno sausages and colourful carrots from the monthly farmers’ market in Everton Nurseries, pork belly from Tesco, new potatoes and cabbage from I don’t know where, with very tasty gravy by the Culinary Queen. I drank El arte de vivin  Ribera del Duero 2015.


  1. It looks like a fun fair–especially the raptor event. I’m glad the rain held off. It looks like you had a lovely day.
    We have threatening skies here, too, for our Labor Day weekend, but I think the rain from Tropical Storm Hermine is going to be mainly along the coast.

  2. Looks like a fun event…we have so many coming in the Fall…much better weather here. The birds are great. Not a fan of clowns. Most kids I know are wary of the creepiness. ☺

  3. Especially love the girl with the red shoes in the second photo….shades of the family pubescent who thinks this whole thing is lame and didn’t want to come anyway… 🙂

      1. She doesn’t look in the mood to give a civil answer to your request about whether she grants you leave to include her on your blog!

  4. I think it was a fun event.
    I am not a fan of clowns. They scare me. But I can say that I am a fan of birds.
    Beautiful post, Derrick 🙂

  5. How wonderful seeing a village fair like this thriving when so many seem to be going extinct. Really enjoyed all of the photos. Glad the rain held off! 🙂

  6. “Army cadets provided an information tent and were responsible for gathering up stray monkeys.”
    I am dying of laughter, here, Derrick. You just slip these things in there.

    This looks very much like our nearby Franklinville Day – which is next weekend. My son and I will be running the 5K in the morning & the rest of the day will be very much as your pictures portray.
    Except our Army cadets are NOT in charge of the monkeys.

  7. I’m no expert on cars, but I reckon that back row in the first shot are an MGB, a Volvo (just possibly an Oldsmobile), a fairly recent Ford Escort, and a Triumph Herald. The one mostly off-shot I sort-of recall, and can picture the whole car, but not put a name to it. It may have been sold under several marques, possibly including Singer. Or it MAY be a Ford Anglia, but I think the headlight fairing was more prominent on them.

  8. Now I’ve seen someone with a monkey on his back. Thought it was just a metaphor. I like the birds, too. I saw a hawking display in Italy a few years ago and it was fascinating. But THEY didn’t have a vulture. She looks like an actor whose name I can’t remember at the moment.

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