No Intention Of Budging

This morning I posted This afternoon we took Jessie on a forest drive. I stepped out on Rhinefield Road and wandered among the autumnal woodland. Ponies at Mockbeggar basked and dozed on the green, ignoring flies; one, claiming its right of way on the road, forced traffic, including cyclists, to take a wide berth.Continue reading “No Intention Of Budging”


On this bright and sunny morning here was I working with WordPress innocently oblivious of just what the Head Gardener meant by tidying up Félicité Perpétue and the shrubs she had been swamping. I had picked a few tomatoes. Assuring me that the rose would be glorious in a couple of years, she proudly showedContinue reading “Torment”

Hordle Village Fair

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF NECESSARY. Those who had worked so hard to create today’s Hordle Village Fair woke up to a forecast of rain from 3.00 p.m.. The event was to begin at 1.00 p.m.. In fact, although we were beset by heavy clouds, rain held off until soon after four. JackieContinue reading “Hordle Village Fair”

Patrick’s Patch Revisited

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. We enjoyed a productive drive through the forest this morning. On Hincheslea Moor the horizon still bore the early haze, as one man and his dog disappeared into the bracken, whilst the sun’s rays illuminated the rest, especially the bright purple heather. Venturing into the wooded area atContinue reading “Patrick’s Patch Revisited”