Caught In The Rain


Forest road

Landscape with bracken and dead tree

This morning we took a drive into the forest.

It was not long before the first of the day’s many  showers set the burnished bracken sparkling.

Landscape with partial rainbow
Landscape with partial rainbow

We were even treated to a partial rainbow forcing its way through the indigo clouds.

House in valley

Deep in the valley a string of walkers passed a solitary house,

Smoke in the distance

while far off, optimistic smoke curled upwards to merge into the ether.

A grazing pony fixed me with a quizzical stare, then continued with the business in hand,

until, sensing the precipitation that was about to send me back to the car, it wandered off and crossed a path to take shelter under a tree.

Walkers on moor

It was then that I heard voices floating across the bracken.

Walkers on moor

They belonged to another group of walkers upon whom the rainbow had cast all the colours of the spectrum.

The rain really hammered on the car as we drove back though the forest passing walkers and cyclists also caught in it.

This evening we dined on roast lamb, potatoes and parsnip; crunchy carrots, cabbage and runner beans; divine gravy, and mint sauce; followed by bread and butter pudding souffle. I drank Almocreve Alentejano reserva 2014.


  1. Wowed!!
    It’s so amazing how you can capture the scenery so well.. and allowing me to enjoy ? seeing it through your eyes.
    I was right there with you in that forest ?.. enjoying the walk and every view around

  2. We got the tail end of a typhoon over the week-end. Did not get to have a dinner such as yours!–no power for many hours due to power cables and lines coming down. An explosion as a transformer blew outside our place. But things were repaired or in the process. Not so much fun–so I will enjoy yours!

  3. How the weather changes…I’m glad to see those clouds in a blue sky and glad you stayed out of the rain and enjoyed a baked dinner, one of my favourite meals.

  4. That looks a lovely place to explore. I always wonder what it must be like to live in one of those lonely houses that always seem to be there as you walk along, miles from anywhere. They must keep a careful shopping list!

  5. Rain or shine, there is always something happening, no matter where you live. Great photos, but I especially love the one of the fern. Exquisite!

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