A Damp Squib


This was a day of continual drizzle, so I scanned a batch of colour negatives from December 2003.

Most of the images, made on a frosty day in Sherwood Forest, were out of focus. These are the best of a bad job.

Sausage casserole

Jackie had more success with her stupendous sausage casserole, of which she made enough to freeze many more portions. This was served with creamy mashed potato and swede, orange carrots, and green beans. The Culinary Queen would, I know, appreciate my stating that this image, made after I had begun to eat, was not exactly how she presented it. She drank sparkling water and I drank San Andres Chilean Merlot.


    1. Many thanks, Merril. I was really quite disappointed at all the other out of focus negatives – only after scanning could I see the poor quality. Never mind – all part of a day’s record. πŸ™‚

  1. I had to look up squib, which I learned is a type of firework. I also looked up brickbat, which, oddly, is a piece of brick, used as a missile. I was sure it was part of the form for making bricks, but alas. Tonight, I had a nice dinner and as a result, admire yours without wishing Jackie was installed in my apartment…

      1. It’s funny there are expressions derived from words we never use and we know what the expression means, but not how it was coined. Damp squib is particularly charming and evocative when you know what a squib is.

  2. Derrick, I must stop reading you just before bedtime because you invariably drive me to the refrigerator for a snack and that’s the last thing I should do before retiring for the night. I promise to show discipline tonight. The dinner looks delicious. What is ‘swede’?

    1. Ah! Let me rudely jump in here – because I’ve lived in both places. Swede is rutabaga! Now you want trans-Atlantic confusion? Try corn flour, cornmeal and corn starch!

  3. My eyes think the platter is fascinating; perhaps I’m hungry. My belly certainly knows where to focus. Do you still shoot film, Derick?

    1. I only abandoned film just after I started the blog nearly five years ago, Uma. Digital was the only way to acquire the necessary immediacy of a daily diary, Thanks a lot, especially for the ‘focus’ πŸ™‚

  4. I have to say I got a chuckle at the Sherwood Forest pictures as all I could think of was Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, and the gang all hanging out there! Jackie’s meal looks wonderful – something like what my mother would make.

  5. Are the potatoes & swede mashed together? I do like to put swede in a casserole, I’ve never incorporated it with potatoes. I’d imagine the swede overpowers, the taste of the creamy mashed ‘tatoes.

  6. The textures and grainy appearances in nature fascinate me. You mentioned the year and it took me back.
    In 2003, I was struggling in my juggling teaching, waiting tables 3-4 nights weekly and pursuing my Master’s. It was funny since my woman pastor said (aptly) “You were barely treading water.” Marriage held on until 2006, 3 courses short, not offered in 2007. Master’s was “due” (silly younger Bush administration set education changes while I had a professional license) but this is past.
    Moving into new life improved everything considerably. πŸ™‚

      1. We all live to tell our tales, I suppose. It gives me comfort to know they stayed here and do a lot of extra things like fix my car or give me a meal “to go” when I’m too tired to eat. Oldest daughter and middle son and his wife. I love my youngest but she is still finding her way but never far from the rest of us. Family is something special we have as blessings, Derrick and Jackie.

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