‘Wait For Me, Mum’


This morning I tidied up after some of Jackie’s cutting back yesterday, and was then rewarded by delicious scents from the roses as I dead-headed them.

Elizabeth came to lunch and dinner. This afternoon the three of us drove out to Hyde where we enjoyed refreshments in the café, and the ladies bought plants from the farm shop.

Ford 3
Ford 1
Ford 2

 We drove on for a while, crossing the ford at Frogham. The stream under the road was as shallow as we have ever seen it.

Tractor wheels
Tractor wheel

The rusting tractor parts up on the bank were in no danger of inundation,

Pony mare and foal

and a pony mare and foal set off to find refreshment elsewhere.

Mare and foal crossing road 1

On Roger Penny Way, bringing the traffic to a halt, another pony led her offspring across the road.

Foal running across road after mother

As she bent down to chomp the grass a cry of ‘Wait of me, Mum’ rent the air and the little foal began frantically running after its oblivious parent. I have never seen a foal run before.

Foal hiding under mother

Further on, having similarly crossed the road, another little pony took refuge under its mother, producing a rather deceptive image.

Elizabeth photographing

Before returning home we took a diversion to Bank, near Lyndhurst, where Elizabeth and I took some photographs.


My sister and Rob had lived here when they were young adults, and she took us on a nostalgic wander along the lanes

Forest scene 1
Stream 2
Stream 3
Stream 1

and into the forest with its somewhat depleted stream.

This evening Jackie produced an excellent meal of poached haddock; swede, parsnip, and potato mash; piquant cauliflower cheese, carrots, and  runner beans. Jackie and I both drank Bergerac blanc sec 2016, and Elizabeth chose Louis de Camponac cabernet sauvignon 2016.

P.S. See wfdec’s comment below. He has identified the ‘tractor parts’ as a timber jinker. Many thanks to John.


  1. That mother is a stallion … oops, no. 🙂
    Hyde is where the ladies go seek, and does wild thyme blow at Bank?
    The stream is certainly much lower than I remember.

  2. The wander through Bank is beautiful! I was at first quite surprised to see Elizabeth’s feet clad just in sandals – then I remembered that not everyone has to wear gumboots and woolly socks on their walks 🙂

  3. Derrick, that photo of the ‘tractor parts’ is actually a ‘timber jinker’ A huge log is chained up in the hooped part and then the log is dragged out of the forest. There could be a second on behind it. You should start a campaign to have it rescued and put in a museum. I imagine it is right on the edge of what was once a huge commercial forest. At least I think it is from your photo.

  4. I second wfdec; there was some logging going on at some point not too long ago–or the forest service left it there. Tires are quite bald…

  5. The ponies are so sweet and charming in your photographs, Derrick. You catch them clear and in such interesting positions, too. 😉
    The dwindling stream and stream under the road had excellent reflections.
    I’m going to check out missed posts since I will be out of town for 3 days, visiting my Mom with my grandson, Micah. He’ll be keeping me company on the two hour drive up there, as well as always being even spirited and patient with her.

    1. Most do, Diane. But holidaymakers are not so used to it, and a few just go along at more than the 40 mph speed limit, which is too fast anyway if a pony just steps out. There is a local practice of flashing your lights on bendy roads warning that there is either a speed trap or ponies on the the road up ahead.

  6. I wish I could wander through those lanes and hold that camera!It is so fascinating to see your shots especially paired with such lovely commentary! Your pictures are pure poetry and your words like treacle!Thank you for sharing

  7. I wouldn’t know the history of this tractor part at all. Thank you for pointing out wfdec’s comment.
    Beautiful captures of the forest, love the pony and mom. 🙂

  8. “and the ladies bought plants from the farm shop.”

    Don’t you have enough of the things? Are you a pack of masochists?
    The ponies are such peaceful creatures, who could not love them.

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