Once more, today was scorchingly hot. Apart from gentle tidying up, watering was the order of the day.

Garden view towards Rose Garden

The hose in this garden view was trained on the Rose Garden, where

Rose Garden 1

pink foxgloves, golden heucheras, and blue clematises romp among roses like the yellow Laura Ford, and deep red roseraie De L’Hay;

Rose Garden 2

where pink Summer wine, and white Madame Alfred Cariere cover the blue wooden entrance arch;

Rose Garden 3

where Summer’s sculpted image just manages to peep through For Your Eyes Only;

Rose Jacqueline du Pré

and where Jacqueline du Pré has been fortunate to find shade.

Poppies 1
Poppies 2
Poppy 1

Giant poppies blaze in the first view above.

Bronze fennel, poppies, Canterbury bells

There are more alongside Canterbury bells and bronze fennel on the north side of the Back Drive,

Viper's bugloss and geranium palmatum

where viper’s bugloss, given to us by Giles in order to cater for bees, burgeons before geranium palmatums;

Rose Dearest and libertia

and where the buxom rose Dearest can just about hold up her head.

Clematises and gladioli

Clematises and gladioli thrive in the row of deep plastic window boxes that divides the Back Drive from the garden proper.

New Bed

Alongside this display stands the New Bed.

California poppies 1
California poppy

We have California poppies in the Cryptomeria Bed,


on the other side of which my favourite rhododendron is now blooming.

The last three days of sunshine have brought opulence to the garden.

This evening we dined on roast lamb, mashed swede and potato, carrots, cauliflower and runner beans, all cooked to perfection by the Culinary Queen, who finished the Bergerac blanc while I drank more of the cabernet sauvignon.


  1. There is something most opulent about poppies – they always grab the attention I think! The quartet alongside the Canterbury Bells is a stunning photo – as is the centre of the flower – truly ‘opulent’!!

  2. In your country was scorchingly hot and here is so rainy. I think your weather have moved in Romania, Derrick 🙂
    May, it used to be a hot month here. But I am glad your garden is so shining after those 3 days of sunshine.
    Mo-hugs and kisses <3

  3. I can see why that your favorite rhododendron, Derrick…its a beauty! I love the poppies too.
    We’re in for some hot and humid weather this weekend. Stay cool!

  4. Why is it that I read the intervening captions like poetry? Is it in your words or is it the flowers? That is a gorgeous close up of the poppy flower — be careful, it can be intoxicating.

  5. Opulent, indeed, Derrick!
    I like that your garden is not only stunning, it is also inviting.
    I wondered if you hear music late at night from the Jacqueline du Pre? 😉

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