The Rush Hour


We had a very enjoyable time yesterday evening at Vicki and Barrie’s Golden Wedding Celebrations, organised by their children and grandchildren.

Pop records and TV adverts from 1967 were played on a monitor. Son, Steve, conducted a spoof ‘Mr and Mrs’ programme that his parents entered into with gusto.Oral tributes were made. The septuagenarians nimbly led the dancing.

A plentiful, varied, and fresh, cold buffet was supplied and we were invited to bring anything stronger than the soft cold drinks, or tea and coffee. We shared the bottle of Prosecco we had won at Ron’s party quiz.

The couple’s daughter, Angie took photographs on her mobile phone, and will e-mail me the results so I can add them to this post.

Late this morning, I watched yesterday’s recorded rugby matches between Scotland and New Zealand, and between England and Australia.

Jackie in greenhouse

While I watched telly, Jackie tended plants in the greenhouse.

Pelargonium 3

She is nurturing pelargoniums

Pelargonium 2

of the more tender variety,


and begonias.


Hardy pelargoniums


survive outside,


as still do antirrhinums,





Red Admiral

and somewhat battered Red Admirals.

Jackie has given the Kitchen Bed’s urn its winter planting.

Clematis Duchess of Albany

In addition to roses we have, in the Rose Garden, clematis Duchess of Albany, her skin taking on the quality of parchment,

Fuchsia 1

various fuchsias,


and penstemons.


Hydrangeas take on autumnal hues.

When I sat down to upload the above pictures, my Apple invited me to upload the latest operating system. I attempted to do this. An error occurred in this. The system is locked and I can’t do anything more with the computer. I had to give up, and eventually used the Microsoft laptop. Windows 10 has changed everything about importing pictures since I last used it, and it wasn’t easy to get my head round.

Off we then drove to Hatchet Pond in an effort to calm me down.

Silhouettes by pond

Not long before sunset

Silhouetted photographer


Tree and man reflected


Hatchet Pond and waterfowl 1


Sunset and waterfowl

paddled along;

Swans with wake

swans trailed their wake.

Sunset 4

The pond reflected

Sunset 2


Sunset 3

 tinged clouds,

Sunset 5

rapidly turning red.

Sunset and jettrail

A jet plane streaked into the foaming flames.

Sunset with silhouettes

So many photographers were now lined up that this seemed like rush hour on the railways.

The treatment worked. I retained my equanimity.

This evening Jackie produced succulent roast pork served on a bed of peppers and onions, accompnied by roast potatoes, carrots, and Brussels sprouts. I drank Concha y Toro cabernet sauvignon 2016.











  1. A good walk out in Nature cures most ills. 🙂

    I think I am caught up with you now. Give our best to Jackie. She looks like she is enjoying her greenhouse!

    1. Thank you Lavinia, you are right, I’m loving having a greenhouse this year. All I need now is for these rescued plants and cuttings to survive, that test is to come, the spring will tell me if all the work is worth it!

      1. I am having mixed luck with plants rescued from the garden. The notable exception is one eggplant seedling that never really took off in the space it was in, is now thriving inside with some heating. We can get down into the single digits here. I am hoping the agricultural forecast is correct and we have a warmer than normal winter this year.

  2. The party sounds wonderful, and I’m sorry about the computer woes. It’s so frustrating when technology doesn’t work.
    I love that photo of Jackie. It is really a portrait, as are the following flower photos. The sunset reflected on the water–all those photos are stunning. I especially like the swans.

    1. He got to bed very late last night as you can imagine, when he gets up I will point out that his picture of a Salvia is actually a Penstemon an apology to the gardeners out there!

    1. I am excited and hopeful, but approach the over wintering of cuttings and tender plants with trepidation, it is an unheated greenhouse, and I am aware that slugs snails, weevils, caterpillars and their ilk will, as I type, be galloping towards the comparative warmth of my greenhouse to partake of the delicious salad bar I have provided. I worry that we will have an unusually freezing winter, and greenhouse or not I’ll lose the lot! But Christmas is coming and soon I shall be distracted with tinsel etc. Oh Joy!

      1. Oh, my…never thought of that “salad bar”…that might be a challenge for you. But, somehow, will not detract from the joy of seeing anything thrive in that greenhouse. Your work in those gardens…so admirable. Enjoy it all. Thanks for responding, and for bringing so much beauty to this blog.

  3. So sorry for the technology issues. They make me crazy as well when they happen. So happy to see the photos of Jackie in her greenhouse – a whole new adventure for us all. Your lake/sky photos are just stunning, Derrick.

  4. I am often wary of invitations to upload the latest operating system. You’ve reinforced my tendency to ignore most of them. Thankfully, we can always depend on nature to bring us back to what’s important.

  5. The sunset pictures are sublime! I am glad you were soon able to feel better. I am sure Jackie will enjoy her greenhouse this winter – such a lovely photo of her!

  6. ‘foaming flames’ … I like that. 😀

    I absolutely hate, loathe and abhor, updates.

    Question for the Head Gardener – are pelargoniums and geraniums related? They look quite similar. 🙂

    1. Thanks very much, Widders, for the solidarity, especially. I believe pelargoniums are cultivated geraniums. I’m trying to train myself to use the posh name. I’m not sure it’s a good idea. 🙂

    2. The zonal Pelargoniums that have been called geraniums for generations must now be referred to as Pelargoniums, Derrick has photographed the Pelargoniums in the greenhouse and then the poor plants that I have not yet rescued, also Pelargoniums,and called them a ‘hardy’, they are not, they have been left behind at the moment.(I must try to rescue them soon). Hardy Geraniums look very different tho’ I believe they are all the same family, they are Wonderful plants that survive frosts and come back again year after year, some are deciduous, some retain their leaves all winter indeed giving wonderful autumn colour, an invaluable plant for this garden.

  7. I never bothered with the Windows 10 update, as the list of “improvements” were not of interest to me. However, another friend (who took my new profile pic) had trouble uploading his photos too using Windows 10. It wants to automatically rotate them, so that portraits become landscape, and on some devices become “s” and “f”. I had to ask him about his abbreviations. He said he’d been too polite to say the landscape proportion distortion made me look “short” and “fat”. 🙂 Great photos, as usual. Lovely one of Jackie.

  8. Sometimes, when that happens, you feel like a soldier whose weapon has died upon him in the middle of a battle. Yesterday, my trusted Nikon DSLR malfunctioned when I tried to capture my twins slicing their birthday cake. I have a Canon baby too which also, mysteriously enough, was stowed away someplace no one seemed to remember.

    I loved the hardy flowers and the fireworks of the dusk but the images of the photographers moved me deeply. I particularly love the one in which the gentleman is squatting against the skeleton tree stretching into the pool in reflection.

    Ever since the advent (and forced adaptation) of Windows 10 my discomfort with the OS has revisited me with a force. But certain material considerations have been keeping me from acquiring a MacBook. Perhaps, it’s time I ranted about it on my blog…

    Wish your laptop a speedy recovery!

    1. Very many thanks, Uma. So sorry that you missed that priceless shot. I much appreciate your detailed observations on my photographs. I’m often more interested in the spectators than the spectacle.

      1. I’m not sure if we have ever driven past Hatchet Pond. We tended to explore the southern and western part of the New Forest.
        But perhaps, coming from Southampton a few times, we may have come upon it.
        It certainly looks very picturesque in your photographs.

  9. Whoa, you sure don’t hear about Golden Anniversaries much any more. I’m glad all went well at the celebration.
    Outstanding photos once again. Do you happen to know what Jackie plans on cultivating in the greenhouse for her inaugural year?

    1. Mostly geraniums, begonias, and fuchsias. She takes lots of cuttings when she clears out the planters. Thanks a lot, GP. Next March will be 50 years since we first married – but I don’t suppose that counts 🙂

  10. Oh how nice to go to a golden wedding anniversary.. and Love that era of music. When I would be around 13 🙂 So just getting into music.
    So much still in flower and yes we have been making sure our plants in the greenhouse are well tended too.. We have to take care of them for next year..
    love the urn with the cyclamen
    And again such stunning photos of the sunset and reflective water..
    Wishing you a wonderful week Derrick.. Enjoy both of you and take care..
    Sue <3

  11. I am so glad you got out and felt better! It seems nature brings peace. I cannot say how breathtaking I find these pictures. The clouds and reflections are stunning. Usually it is so hard to capture how beautiful things appeared at the moment but you have done this. Was it more breath taking than this?

  12. That’s the difference between you and me Derrick – I’d have got annoyed about all those bloody photographers getting in my way. 🙂

    As for the fifty years – it’s still 50 years, even if it is slightly complicated, and that deserves a party.

  13. Oooh! Aaaah! I loved all the gorgeous skies, Derrick. The favorite was the refections on the lake with the people looking at this beautiful sight.

  14. In 1967, I loved musicals like My Fair Lady and it’s original Pygmalion story. I liked Peter, Paul and Mary. The Beatles had been to America on The Ed Sullivan Show, three Sundays in a row, I believe. I wrote a post about this amazing “British invasion!”
    Jackie looks great amidst the buds and flowers. I hope you aphids, slugs or other bugs incade your greenhouse!
    The red admiral butterfly was beautiful on this post, (I think.) ? ?

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