Waiting For A Bus


This afternoon, Jackie drove us around the forest.

On the outskirts of Brockenhurst a troop of cattle exercised their right to hold up the traffic.

River Lymington

Over Lymington River

Swing over Lymington River

a swing has been suspended from a tree bearing

a lengthy lichen-laden limb kept out of the water by a complicated system of rigging.

Pool and reflections

A pool is filling up on the other side of the road.

Crow on shrub

Wherever we go we are likely to see a crow perched high enough to explain the term ‘a crow’s nest’.

This one could observe ponies chomping whilst waiting for a bus.

Ponies on moor 1

I was just thinking how sleepy one of the animals looked, when it turned and yawned in my direction.

An isolated individual had no competition for the grazing on the other side of the road.

Sun, tree, pool

At East Boldre, the sight of the sun behind a tree mirrored in a pool,


encouraged us to return in time to watch the sun drop down below the horizon

and deepen the red, gold, and indigo hues above.

Ponies keeping the grass down here were oblivious of the beauty above.

This evening we dined on fishcakes, one Thai, and one parsley and cheese, served on a bed of onions, peppers, tomato, and garlic; with runner beans, carrots, and cauliflower. Jackie drank Hoegaarden, and I finished the Malbec.


    1. Yes, GP. I tramped miles across it until a couple of years ago when the knees gave out. But you’d be lucky to get a gallop out of these sleepy creatures. Thanks a lot

  1. Your photos seem to get more and more stunning. Wow. I love pretending I am actually there, seeing the sights, and then dining on Jackie’s cooking!

  2. I do so love your New Forest. Still unsure why I haven’t come across such prolific animal life whenever I’ve driven through there myself. You obviously know the routes to take. You wax quite lyrical today, – I like the poetic alliteration of ‘a lengthy lichen-laden limb’.

  3. What a beautiful drive! I love these trips you and Jackie take through the forest. Those sunsets of yours are spectacular!

    That sleepy pony made me yawn.

  4. I have a feeling the ponies are much more close to the secrets of Nature, of burnished gold sunsets, the burst of orange at the dawns, and the impalpable black of moonless nights. To them, humans are mere irritants like the flies that bug them. Those are great images of sunsets.

  5. Splendid photos, Derrick. It’s always fun to see the cattle and horses. The moss covered branches are lovely, but that tree mirrored in the water with the sunset is breathtaking.

  6. The wandering cattle and ponies, oh and the donkeys also, is such a mystery to me. Some day I will go over there and see it for myself. But I don’t fly so they would have to knock me out to get me there.

    Do the animals wander at night? I don’t see many street lamps about

    1. Good final questions, Pleasant. They do wander at night. They need constantly to eat grass and suchlike. The forest is unlit. Even our local lane has only a couple of lamps set near bends. Some of the ponies wear luminous collars, but they are still difficult to see, sometimes with fatal consequences.

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