We Have Survived



This morning we unpacked a set of complimentary pans that came with the hob.

The garden has perked up after the snow. Sap is rising in no longer flaccid daffodils, hellebores, irises, and primulas; the first sunshine warms the beds, casting striking shadows.

A couple of days ago we thought it would be impossible for Aaron of A.P. Maintenance to work today, yet, here he was, pruning roses.

Meanwhile, Richard completed the kitchen. The cupboard doors were finished;

one he had made for the under stairs cupboard that had only had a curtain before;

having smoothed over yesterday’s plastering, new power points were fitted everywhere. Notice how Pauline’s light catcher bestows her blessings on the proceedings,

Smiley saucepan face

and a saucepan’s seal of approval is presented in a smiley face.

After a long day’s work, Richard carefully and patiently gave us tutorials on how to operate the scarily complex equipment. Tomorrow I will feature the total tour de force.

This evening, in our new dining area, we enjoyed a takeaway meal provided by Mr Chan at Hordle. I drank Concha y Toro Casillero del Diablo reserva 2016.





  1. Can’t believe how quickly the garden revived–but perhaps it revelled in the snow? Nice to see Aaron too – you seem to have all the luck with your workers. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post 🙂

  2. Smiley Face Saucepan and Pauline’s light catcher are definitely good omens. I can’t believe your kitchen is nearly complete!
    And how wonderful that your daffodils are rising and no longer flaccid. 😉

  3. All looking great Derrick, and I imagine soon lovely meals will be produced in your new kitchen on your sparkling new hob. Wishing you lots of great meals and enjoyable cooking days.

  4. Oh it’s finished – how wonderful! I love the happy face courtesy of the saucepan and so glad the light catcher is still sparkling. I look forward to seeing tomorrow’s reveal <3

  5. Lucky you – spring is in your garden. Loved the saucepan’s smile! And those lovely cupboard doors with spice racks. Double lucky you!

  6. Love the swing doors, with condiments shelves attached to doors, what a grand space saving idea. And it’s wonderful that your garden has survived the early spring snowfall.

  7. One of my most used books I bought for a dollar in a second-hand shop in Ashville, North Carolina. It is called “When the Good Cook Gardens”. Looking at your wondrous blog it is a book that neither Jackie or you are in need of! Enjoy the garden and the kitchen!

  8. When saucepans smile, all’s well with the world. 🙂 … did they warn you about all the ‘new appliance smells’? It took about five uses before our new slow cooker stopped smelling like melted used tennis shoes. It didn’t affect the food itself, thankfully. 😀

    1. Yes the wonderful Richard not only explained the new appliance smells he did the ‘burn off’, as he called it, to get us started. I am SO scared of my new ovens that I would have panicked big time if I had got that smell the first time I used them!!

  9. How appropriate that Spring is fulling springing as your kitchen is completed. A whole new season all round 🙂

  10. The kitchen is coming on brilliantly Derrick, and the garden, its so good to see the grass green again isn’t it.. The snow went as fast as it came here with the help of heavy rain.
    Hubby went to the allotment this morning, and we got some parsnips and leeks out and he said the temp in the allotment greenhouse was 60F . 🙂
    Roll on Spring! 🙂

  11. So glad it’s all over, Derrick! You are going to love the wonderful kitchen! Also glad you included the garden beginning to come alive. The resilience of plants is truly amazing!

  12. It’s getting so close, Derrick. I like the pot-top’s smile of approval. 🙂 And your garden is perking up. That’s a wonderful sign that winter is coming to an end. 🙂

  13. Looks like a beautiful new kitchen – Love those cabinets. I hope our garden bounces back as well as yours did – We have daffodils in bud and a forecast for a 24 hours snowstorm beginning tonight.

  14. A Master chefs Heaven Derrick, look forward to seeing some great dishes being presented, looks like the days of eating out are coming to a close, now take me to your Wine Cellar mate.

  15. The garden looks marvelous! I enjoyed seeing the beautiful new stove top and the complimentary pots and pans. I imagine your cabinet with shelves looks like a perfect canned goods and spices storage area. Happy New kitchen, nearly finished! ??

  16. Oh wow! Is this your actual garden? It’s very similar to the vision my husband and I have. I love the potted plants, the path, the trellis! It’s lovely ☺️

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