Energy-Sapping Humidity


Today was hotter, and considerably more humid than yesterday. I flopped this morning, but didn’t sleep. Perhaps that fact that I slept all yesterday evening had something to do with this. My brief trip into the garden at mid-afternoon was energy-sapping.

Correctly surmising that I might need a rest en route to my planned perch at the Westbrook Arbour, Jackie positioned Mum’s stool beside the Nottingham Castle Bench. I took a few pictures from there,Β then moved on. Melting, after about twenty minutes I fled back indoors.

I took a cooling break before uploading the pictures. This was extended by a very welcome visit from Shelly and Ron, for which I was most grateful.

My choice of Supermarket prepared meals this evening was fish pie to which Jacke added crisp carrots. leeks, and mange-touts, which added fresh flavour.


  1. Heat and humidity are definitely energy-zapping. The photos are lovely. I’m glad you’re able to get about–and how clever of Jackie to anticipate where to put the stool.

    1. Thanks very much, Merril. Fortunately for me, Jackie was a professional carer for years. I am constantly saying how awful this stage must be for someone who has no-one at home.

  2. the fish pie sounds good – and the photos here do not really give us the humidity – but your words do – “melting” and I know the feeling,.

    and my hubs was just commenting on how when we lived in Colorado (many moons ago) it was so NOT humid – forgot what that was like.

  3. For the past three weeks, we’ve had oppressive humidity with high dew points. You can’t stand outside without breaking into a sweat. It definitely saps your energy. Maybe for now, it’s best to admire your garden from the inside. Everything looks beautiful, Derrick. Take care of yourself!

  4. I love heat, hate humidity and were I mending from major surgery I would definitely be averse to the oppressive nature of muggy weather. I’m sure the fish pie was fortifying and all those good veggies definitely beneficial to a mending body.

  5. The last of my remaining friends has just had a triple bypass and he is finding a certain lack of energy but is also accompanied by a lack of trust in the whole affair. As a result when he feels a sneeze coming on he holds it back. Not sneezing is something I would miss more than the regular heartbeat.
    Anyway the number and variation in the flower photos certainly points to your enjoyment of the trip down the pathway.

  6. As the saying goes (at least it does here), ‘it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity’. Well, the heat is a bit nasty here, Derrick, making it a bit more challenging to shovel 4 cubic yards of beautiful leaf mulch. I over ordered and suspect that some neighbor will benefit from my error. But, that’s okay.

  7. Glad you getting out and about a little in your gardens (despite the heat and humidity) Thats good. Bravo!

  8. We are having monsoons here in the southeastern US. When the rain takes a break, steam rises from the earth. At least the plants seem to like it there and here. I’m glad you are making the rounds. Slow and steady.

  9. I am with you bro.. heat and humidity is not my cuppa tea… ugh. great pictures tho’ so you couldn’t have been suffering all that much…/>

  10. Humidity sucks the life out of everything except tropical flowers and I reckon they’d have their limits. Bravo on your perambulation. πŸ™‚

  11. You seem to recover well Derrick, although, surely not as quickly as you would like, I am sure. Make the most of your garden πŸ™‚

  12. So, I thought “Hmm, mange touts”, Derrick has been a good lad and has eaten all his dinner. But Mr G(oogle) informed me that it’s those lovely peas you eat, pod and all.

    Are you feeling stronger each day?

    1. Yesterday was a tough one, but I managed my first poo since coming home this morning – how the mundane becomes an event. Like your verbal double entendre, Yvonne. Many thanks

  13. I didn’t realise that you get such humidity over Derrick, Hope you are coping Ok, and keeping yourself comfortable.

  14. We’ve finally gotten around to working on a slate patio we planned to complete years ago. Life gets in the way but now it’s come together. Your pics are always so lovely!

  15. A beautiful garden. Our rain’s have started and we hope it continues. Otherwise it was very hot here till about a week ago.

  16. Your great colourful garden is one place that I could doze away under the warmth of the Sun for many hours Derrick, a little shade cloth overhead and a good book and your all Tickety Boo mate.
    Winter here and nice cosy nights with the electric blanket fighting off the minus zero temps.

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