A Diner And A Restaurant

Ronan and Mark, our heating engineers from Tom Sutton Heating have almost completed their installation of our new system.
Jackie and I decided to leave them to it and to visit the splendid

Walkford Diner for brunch.

My choice was the Mega (Β£8.80). I couldn’t wait to photograph the Ferndean Farm Shop sausages and large free range eggs; the Black and White puddings and haggis flown down from Stornaway; lean bacon; baked beans, fresh tomatoes; and a potato scone.

When my toast arrived I needed to do it again.

Jackie had wanted something light, so she chose broccoli and stilton soup and a cheese and onion sandwich (Β£5.50).

The soup was served in a massive mug and the sandwich was quite a mouthful.

Ian and JoJo are a very friendly couple dedicated to producing carefully sourced fine quality food at most reasonable prices. Although they haven’t been here very long they clearly have a loyal group of regular customers.

We went on to visit an apartment in Farringford Court, Lymington, as part of our reconnoitring a prospective assisted living home for Mum, with a view to moving next Spring.

The back cover of the brochure for No. 8 shows a shot of the small communal garden, the walk-in shower room, and two of the bedroom;

inside are displayed a second external view, the kitchen, the lounge, and the entrance hall.

The apartment is ideally appointed and spacious enough for a single person. There is a good range of services, both included in the standard charge, and capable of being bought in. Communal services include a laundry room,

a lounge,

and a drinks station

in a restaurant available to residents and guests.

There is also bedroom suite for guests.

All in all this could be an ideal prospect, but the cost will probably be prohibitive.
Jackie, having eaten less than I did for lunch, tucked into a bowl of her excellent lamb curry and rice. I ate no more.


  1. Your toast reminded me of Texas toast – because I think they use those thick slices and even Jackie’s onion and cheese sandwich seems to have the thick bread – does the splendid make their own bread or have it custom made!
    And your mega looks so delicious –

  2. Jackie’s sandwich is MEGA and your plateful super-mega! Had you taken a fall after that you may have bounced! It’s a treat to find a reasonably priced place serving organic, wholesome foods with pride. They deserve good patronage!

  3. I think of diners as an American thing–though the only puddings here would be for dessert, and no haggis, or baked beans served with eggs. The Walkford Diner looks wonderful. Jackie’s meal looked just as filling as yours, but yummy.
    The place you looked at for your mom looks very nice. Good luck with your search.

  4. a word to the wise from one former property lawyer; McCarthy and Stone’s lease on my MiL’s place had a strange clause dealing with assignment (selling). Her lease is 10 years old and there has been a lot of furore in the press about the developers sneaky tactics to weedle money out of the owner n sale or subletting. So things may have changed. Just make sure the lawyers you use have a very close look at it and ensure it’s not penal.

  5. Yowza! You got the all-day platter, I see! That photo of Jackie is hilarious. Ian and Jo Jo should put that on the cover of their menus. The assisted living looks nice, Derrick. My parents will be moving into a continuing care facility late this year…if they can sell their home.

  6. Wowsah! That was some meal. No wonder you weren’t hungry that night. The assisted living facility looks great. Fingers crossed that it isn’t too expensive.

  7. Those living quarters look nice. Here, we don’t have much of those. When a parent/parents grow old, they live with one of their children. I love those on your plate Derrick!

  8. That diner looks like a happy place! πŸ™‚ Wow! Your meal WAS mega and Jackie’s sandwich WAS a mouthful! πŸ™‚ I would’ve had to take some of the food home to eat another day! πŸ™‚ I would have chosen the soup and sandwich, like Jackie. I don’t like so much meat like the meat that was on your plate. Ha. πŸ™‚
    I hope you find a safe, comfortable, good, affordable place for you Mum.
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  9. Mrs Britain will be delighted to hear that it’s possible to obtain potato scone so far in the deep south. Is this stuff being imported now? Goodness me, you’ll be getting fruit pudding next!

    1. Many thanks, Micheline. Mammon has been in the ascendancy since the mid eighties. That’s when I got out of Local Authority Social Work – I could see what was going to happen

  10. Wow, some meals! πŸ™‚ Never have I attempted to eat such a breakfast or brunch. My idea of brunch: a few grapes or cantaloupe chunks, 2 egg whites scrambled, one chicken-apple sausage and a few bites of a toast slice, half a coffee. And that takes me the entire day until around 8 pm.

  11. I’m a big fan of eating. Had I been there, I would have figured out a way to share both yours and Jackie’s choices, so as not to have to choose between the two. And now, let’s see, I’ve got some sharp cheddar, some bread..and I think I saw half an onion last night – see you later! (-:

  12. One of those snags and 1 egg I’d be chockablock; I love cheese and onion sandwiches best of all. The War Office thinks I have no taste. I assure her that my taste is all in my mouth, and seeing Jackie the Culinary Queen enjoying her sandwich I feel vindicated. We cooks no a thing or two πŸ˜›

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