Crutches On The Clifftop

This afternoon I joined Jackie, Becky, and Ian on a trip to the Beachcomber Café at Barton on Sea. The day was cold and bright. I spent a few minutes photographing

the choppy, sunlit, waves;

the deserted waterfront and its battered breakwaters;

and a couple tending to a little dog,

Before retreating to the warmth of the popular café with its condensation streaked windows, its reflections, and its lingering Christmas decorations.

After a pleasant interlude I focussed on a group on the clifftop before returning to Ian’s car. I rather hoped the couple on crutches would not be blown over the edge.

This evening we all dined on a very tasty turkey and bacon pasta bake made by Becky and served with pizza and fresh salad – on our knees while watching episode 5 of The Crown which focussed on the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. I have already recorded, in ‘Prescience?‘ my first ever TV viewing of this event which took place on 2nd June, 1953.


  1. Goodness it looks almost as cold as it is here! I am most happy to report that the mail has finally coughed up a most delightfully festive green card bearing a photo of a little, round, red robin with a bright black eye peering at me. I chortled with delight at finding I now have my very own little Nugget to admire. Thank you both for the thought and the greetings xoxo

      1. I know – he took a wee detour to see some more salubrious parts of the world I guess 🙂 So glad he’s safely here now, puffed up proudly and keeping a beady eye on me from his perch on the bookcase.

  2. I well remember the coronation of the Queen. We had a relatively new black and white television — 12″ screen, in a cabinet, on legs — and I saw on the living room floor, watched, and wondered at it all.

  3. Gorgeous photos of the waves, Derrick! They are active and beautifully sparkly!
    The little dog looks like one of Coopers’ Yorkie relatives. Cooper is a Shorkie.
    I might be FORCED to draw a smiley face in the condensation on the window. HA! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  4. Some very impressive choppy sea photos, Derrick.
    Through my early morning half open eyes I misread the description of your supper – I thought you ate Lazy Turkey! I wondered what an earth it could be, perhaps Jackie had taken her time and cooked it in the slow cooker. Then I opened my eyes and read the word Tasty!

  5. The sea photos are wonderful–though it looks very cold. I went back and looked at your earlier post. I thought it was fascinating that someone commented about how people banded together in their town to build a TV to watch the coronation.

  6. Maybe I should sit down and actually watch The Crown…. Anyway, I hope the couple on crutches got home without any mishaps.

  7. It looks like a great, ‘bracing’ day, as you English say! I’m partial to days like that, and prefer walking in the wind and cold to a day in the hot sun! Good for the body and mind!

  8. I am fascinated with the sun sparkles on the water as you were. So many lovely photos here. I’ll admit the scene I loved the most is the one with the people at the edge of the cliff, only with the cropping shown at the very top of the post, the sea barely visible. I enjoy seeing people through your lens.

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