Back Gardening

Yesterday evening we watched the second episode of series 3 of The Crown, which contained more scenes and dialogue stretching credulity/ Opposite the field occupied by our gimlet-eyed equine friend on South Sway Lane are heaped bags of free horse manure. We brought one back on 20th and I tipped it out onto the mostContinue reading “Back Gardening”

I Wish I’d Brought A Carrot.

Last night we watched the first episode of series 3 of The Crown. Apart from the political aspects of the Wilson premiership I well  remember the death of Winston Churchill in 1965. At the time I was working close to Westminster Bridge and photographed the queue of thousands waiting to pay their respects to his lyingContinue reading “I Wish I’d Brought A Carrot.”

Crutches On The Clifftop

This afternoon I joined Jackie, Becky, and Ian on a trip to the Beachcomber Café at Barton on Sea. The day was cold and bright. I spent a few minutes photographing the choppy, sunlit, waves; the deserted waterfront and its battered breakwaters; and a couple tending to a little dog, Before retreating to the warmthContinue reading “Crutches On The Clifftop”

Memories From The Crown

The third episode of The Crown that we watched yesterday evening slipped back to 1936 and ‘The Abdication’ which I featured in an earlier post. This happened six years before I was born, but it was the event that propelled first her father King George VI to the throne and, just a few years later,Continue reading “Memories From The Crown”