Our First Meal Out Post Lockdown

This morning’s early light presented us with

glorious garden views from our upstairs windows.

At midday I accompanied Jackie on the big Tesco fortnightly shop; sat reading in the car while she did the business; unloaded the trolley into the car; emptied the purchases into the kitchen, then washed my hands.

This afternoon Jackie took the sprinkler on a whistle-stop tour of the garden, while I took my camera on another.

I pictured begonias, petunias, allium, hemerocallis, phantom hydrangea and phlox, all images of which are named in the galleries that can by accessed by clicking on any one. Each photograph can be viewed full size by clicking on the box beneath it, then further enlarged if necessary by repeated clicks.

Bees have shown themselves to be partial to these alliums.

Outside Bramshaw, on a drive to the north of the forest, we encountered ponies ignoring flies; sheep steering clear of the equine droppings; and donkeys keen to approach us in the hope of treats.

It was the Lamb Inn at Nomansland that had the honour of providing us with our first meal out since the recently partially relaxed coronavirus lockdown began.

My main meal was a tender rib eye steak with a bucket of chips and French fried onions; Jackie’s chips in a bucket were of sweet potatoes served with her haloumi burger. Mrs Knight drank Diet Coke and Carlsberg while I drank Timothy Taylor’s Landlord beer.

Naturally Jackie photographed the hanging baskets and

the sign in the outside dining area which had me wondering whether I was meant to use the letter box.


  1. Jackie looks so happy! Those hanging baskets are gorgeous. As for your garden, I’d have a hard time peeling myself away from the upstairs window. What a view!

  2. Love the hanging baskets! My sons and I haven’t yet dined out–only outdoor dining allowed here in Los Angeles–but we’ve been ordering meals for pick-up from our favorite Brazilian restaurant.

  3. More of your absolutely delightful gardens! Our lockdown was somewhat relaxed for about 2 weeks, but is now closer to lockdown again — restaurants may serve meals, but only outdoors, and barbers and salons are attempting to figure out how to do their business outdoors! I suspect it will be full lockdown again in another week or so.

  4. I’m afraid my attention was distracted from your lovely photos by your comment about using the door as a toillet. 😉 I’m glad you and Jackie were able to get out and enjoy a restaurant meal.

  5. Now I want to go out and eat, and I know exactly where I want to go — there’s some coconut shrimp waiting for me. I’m really glad you enjoyed an evening out, and what looks like a wonderful meal.

  6. Vague thoughts around a phrase involving ‘pissing in’ and tents came to my kind when I saw the sign. I am glad that you were outside.

    Lovely pictures of the garden and I took your advice and biggified a picture with good results.

  7. Your garden is such an inspiration, Derrick. Gorgeous photos! Of course my favorite was the closeup of the bee on the allium. Your meal looked yummy. I gotta go get our dinner! <3

  8. HA! I hope no one peed ON the front door! 😮 😀
    Glad you two got a delicious meal out and about…Jackie is like, “Take the pic, I’m rarin’ to eat!” She’s got her knife and fork up and ready! 😀
    Love Jackie’s photos of the hanging baskets! What vibrant colors!
    Love the bees happily allium-ing. 🙂
    The poor pony getting fly-d. 🙁
    The line up of sheep is so sweet! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  9. The “Lamb Inn”, seemed very appropriate Derrick, and your first “meal out” looked scrumptious… and of course my fav’ photo was the Donkeys…

  10. Early morning light photographs have a certain inviting quality to them. Eventually, you found your treat in the Novirusland of Nomansland! Jackie does look exceptionally pleased.

  11. how wonderful to see the joy of Jackie on your first dine out. and the hanging baskets are beautiful! your garden is a paradise! always a delight to see snapshots of the animals! the sign is a kicker! interesting and fun 🙂

  12. I remember, long ago, and far away, people like me used to go out to dinner too. Happy you and Jackie went virtually for Jim & I. Stay well you two.

  13. What a treat to be able to eat out in pleasant surroundings – with a beer too. The sale of alcohol has been banned (again) for another seven weeks. Strange times we live in.

  14. You certainly have variety down to a science for us all, Derrick. Between you and Jackie, we get it all. Ya gotta love that sign too!!

  15. Beautiful photos–all those flowers and animals! Your first meal out looks delightful, both the food and the setting. I’ll take what Jackie had, though your onions look delicious. That sign and your comment. ?

  16. Loved seeing the roaming livestock, and the garden is looking glorious.
    You were both very brave to go out for a meal. My eldest and family went on the first day of reopening, they were very impressed with how organised it was.I hope they remain as vigilant when I eventually venture into one. Perhaps I’ll settle for the beer garden.

  17. Oh my goodness, Derrick, The Garden of Eden must have looked a lot like your garden!
    Hope you enjoyed the meal!

  18. I was sure I had missed yesterday’s post and now I know that I did. I would have remembered that sign! Sounds like a lovely meal regardless ?

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