Starring Seed Pods

Today, by our standards, unseasonably hot for September, was definitely one for sprinkling the garden.

Even the wicker owl appreciated its shower.

By late morning we had become too heated to complete our work on pruning, cutting up, and composting the wisteria, seen here from above and below.

While taking the overhead wisteria pictures I added some more general aerial shots;

back at ground level the Brick Path and its arches; and the Gazebo Path, returning to my puzzle theme with “Where’s Jackie?” (5);

and the Triangular Bed beside the iron urn.

Today’s starring seed pods are on an ornamental allium.

The temperature rose as the day progressed; the sun became veiled by voluminous hazy clouds; the atmosphere increasingly oppressive. Late in the afternoon, in order to shake us from somnolent stupor we drove to Ferndene Farm Shop to buy some vegetables and eggs. There were no eggs.

For the last week or so, this outlet has been selling live chickens from its stock in the next door field. This has been because the older poultry do not lay in the quantity needed for a commercial enterprise. They are replaced by younger models and offered for reduced domestic production. Apparently the new birds haven’t yet got into the swing of things.

Afterwards we took a drive into the forest.

Along Holmsley Passage, tails constantly whisking, ponies dotted the landscape.

So it was for the rest of our journey, for example along Bisterne Close where we encountered

a mare and foal. Like all the youngsters, the stubby little tail didn’t seem adequate for seeing off the flies

and this infant had me backing off at a rate of knots in order to maintain focus as it attempted to brush off its flies with my beard.

On our return via Holmsley Passage ponies slaked their thirst in the rapidly diminishing wayside pool.

This evening we dined on Mr Chan’s Hordle Chinese Take Away’s excellent fare with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Bordeaux.


  1. Perhaps the young chicken are following the method of young people nowadays, online dating. Unfortunately, this strategy does not facilitate laying eggs.
    Your splendid garden with its prolific greenery is aptly showcased in the aerial shots, Derrick.
    Sorry, my computer seems to have gone on strike; it refused to enlarge photos, thus depriving me of the puzzle game.

  2. Really got a kick out of the mental picture of your backpedaling away from the young fly ridden foal. Never thought about a beard as a fly swisher. Oh, I spotted Jackie too. She’s almost as good as Nugget in the hiding category.

  3. I know those ponies will be glad to see the flies go away. The starring seed pods are magical! There’s something comforting about your wisteria arbour close to the house and well-groomed. My fence wisteria pops up everywhere.

  4. You and ponies have an amazing telepathy going between the two! I wonder why the flies are such a torment to the poor creatures. The starring seed pods are so intricately designed.

    I could see Jackie in the background clearly, so it wasn’t much of a search.

  5. What a beautiful post!! I love the “pruning, cutting up, and composting the wisteria” photos and the horses always captivate me! And the “youngsters” with the stubby little tail are adorable! And, Derrick, your black and white of the “starring seed pods…on an ornamental allium” is wonderful! <3 Thank you so much for your shared talent!!

  6. What a delightful mix.

    Surprisingly, for the last few days, we’ve also enjoyed the pleasure of the unseasonal autumn weather and very hot sun,

  7. As I’m flying over in my Micro-space Machine Derrick, I’m enjoying your aerial photos of the garden…. ??.. I’ll be zooming over again, just before Midnight….

  8. The aerial garden views are stunning! An exciting view of the garden! πŸ™‚
    I found Jackie! But I always see her as a bright beautiful flower…so she could hide in the garden and fool us all. πŸ™‚
    That little foal was like, “Mister, help me! The flies are attacking me!”
    That last photo is so serene and sweet! πŸ™‚

  9. I absolutely adore the seed pod photo, and your choice of dinner, with nary an “l” in sight.

    The mare (with her foal) is such a beautiful horse.

    It’s starting to hot up over her, down under. Ugh.

  10. So many wonderful photos! I thought the sprinkler picture was particularly lovely, but then they kept on coming. I couldn’t find Jackie at first, but then it helped when I went to the correct photo. ?
    Your pony and foal landscape could be a painting.

  11. Sorry you’ve been so dry over there. Same here, obviously, so I can sympathize. For over a week the air has been full of wildfire smoke to the point of being hazardous to breathe. I use a respirator if I need to go outside. Like you, today I really HAVE to do a bit of watering. Forecasts say rain on Friday, but they also say thunderstorms on Thursday, so I’m not sure whether I should be on edge, or relieved. But, so far – THANKFULLY – we are not in the line of the fire. So far. Do a little rain dance for us both, would you please?

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