Fine Floury Precipitation

This morning,

while Nick Hayter continued decorating our kitchen after Barry had repaired the leaking roof, I watched the fourth day’s play of the Test match between India and England at Chennai broadcast on Channel 4.

This afternoon we drove to Grove Pharmacy at Christchurch Hospital for Jackie’s first Covid-19 vaccination. Her procedure was even quicker and smoother than mine.

We took a short diversion through the forest on our way home. With the temperature having plummeted to 0 degrees centigrade we experienced very fine snow throughout our trip.

Just outside Burley the moorland pools were iced over and bearing locked in branches.

The one shaggy haired, muddy legged foraging pony we encountered seemed oblivious of the falling fine floury precipitation.

Deer on Burley Manor lawn hugged the fenced boundaries, maybe seeking shelter from the hedges beyond.

Our next stops were at Otter and Everton Garden Centres where we bought a solar lamp and a shepherd’s crook on which to hang it for Elizabeth whose birthday it is today. We delivered them and stuck them in her lawn.

We have noticed a new phenomenon, one example of which Jackie photographed alongside Jordan’s Lane. It seems that cars are throwing up spray from the pools on the tarmac which have frozen in the process of dripping.

This evening we dined on oven fish and chips, baked beans, pickled onions, and gherkins, with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank Languedoc Montpeyroux Recital 2018.


  1. The kitchen is going to be beautiful very soon! A week or so ago I saw for the first time icicles hanging from tree branches — and now you’re showing it again. I have seen them hanging from eaves, but not from branches — quite a different phenomenon!

  2. So you are getting a little snow there now! The icicle covered branches by the puddle in the road are beautiful in their own way. I do think February is often the coldest month, Old Man Winter’s last go at it.

  3. FInely photographed phenomenon … the icicles intrigued me no end, especially given that we do not experience snow here even during the coldest (for us) winters.

  4. Interesting ‘stalactites’ by the roadside. Well observed and photographed, Derrick.

    I’m glad that Jackie’s first jab went well. Happy birthday to Elizabeth.

  5. I’m delighted Jackie has had her vaccination, must be a relief.

    There’s just something about those thick winter coats that our equine friends grow in winter that I love. I often wonder if those natural thick coats provide more warmth than the purchased winter rugs.

      1. A couple of ours were stabled at night in winter and we put outdoor rugs on during the day. We also had a couple of Shetlands that were unused to rugs and being stabled. So when we bought them we followed what they were used to.

  6. HAPPY Birthday to Elizabeth!!! 🙂
    So glad Jackie got her vaccination! 🙂
    We got our first doses last week! So VERY grateful! Our next dose is scheduled and we’ll be raring to go when the day is here.
    YAY for Nick and Barry and all of your great helpers! 🙂
    Love the pretty ponies and the dear deer! Even tho’ they have their winter coats on, I feel for them being in the cold. Brr!
    Love the icicle photos are phenomenal!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  7. I like the gently dusted landscapes (and animals), but I really like the “icicles by Jackie.” ?
    I’m amazed by the herd of deer.

    It’s great you’ve both had your vaccines now, too.

  8. Wonderful pictures. Glad your kitchen continues to come around. We are in a 10 day weather pattern below freezing. It has been snowing more than not since we got home Friday night around midnight. But we only have about a half inch a day growth.

      1. It’s one of the few times in my life I’ve wished I were older. In Florida one must be 65 or older unless they fall into certain at risk groups. I’m just a baby at 64….

  9. It’s great to learn Jackie too is protected from the virus now. The description ‘fine floury precipitation’ is astute, and the same is accentuated further by the shades worn by the pony.

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