Battered, Bedraggled, Bejewelled

I began a thoroughly wet morning by posting: During the afternoon the rain eased off and I wandered round the garden with my camera, photographing battered, bedraggled, and bejewelled blooms, each of which is separately titled in the gallery. Later, I read more of Charles Dickens’s ‘David Copperfield’ and scanned four more of CharlesContinue reading “Battered, Bedraggled, Bejewelled”

A Knight’s Tale (1 : “A Sneaky Weekend”)

On another blisteringly hot day, before the sun was fully up, I produced a dozen current garden views from above. Later, Jackie occupied herself planting and watering, while I carried out some dead heading. These activities were continued at intervals throughout the day. Some years ago, now, encouraged by a number of my readers, IContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (1 : “A Sneaky Weekend”)”


This is the footpath to the centre of the Palm Bed that we cleared yesterday. On another scorching hot day we began the gardening early. My contribution was a dead heading tour, a certain amount of weeding, and a little clearing up. After lunch I scanned the next five of Charles Keeping’s illustrations to DavidContinue reading “Signage”

Hoverflies Can Stand The Heat

This afternoon seemed even too hot for bees. Jackie continued her garden maintenance work. My contribution included trimming the edges of the lawn, a modicum of dead heading, and acting as the Head Gardener’s bagman, to and fro the compost bins. We enjoyed, however, a host of hoverflies, seen here on For Your Eyes Only,Continue reading “Hoverflies Can Stand The Heat”

Clear Paths

Today remained hot-sticky-humid throughout with very little sunshine. This morning Jackie ironed the last bedsheet; this afternoon I pressed the last three shirts. The Head Gardener continued clearing, composting, and planting; while I applied myself to dead heading such as Mamma Mia, Crown Princess Margareta, and Absolutely Fabulous; and to gathering up heaps of clippings.Continue reading “Clear Paths”

Path Clearances

Today continued with warm clammy-inducing humidity. The morning was still drizzly; although the afternoon was dry. We both carried out further stints on the ironing backlog; Jackie’s before, and mine mainly after, lunch. During the last few days, the Head Gardener has continued clearing the borders of paths such as the Phantom Path, the CryptomeriaContinue reading “Path Clearances”

The Last Of The Cemeteries Project

I experienced another of what I now recognise to be barometric pressure headaches through the night and morning, so the first part of the day was a washout. After lunch and a doze through an Antiques Road Trip recording I perked up enough to watch the Wimbledon women’s singles final between Ashleigh Barty and KarolinaContinue reading “The Last Of The Cemeteries Project”

Breathing Space

On another rather sultry morning we made good progress in weeding the Rose Garden, thus giving breathing space to blooms such as roses peach/orange Mamma Mia; pure white Margaret Merrill; pinkish Alan Titchmarsh; the recently righted New Dawn; and plants such as penstemon put in for variety. Later, I read four more chapters of DavidContinue reading “Breathing Space”