Attached To A Petal

Today dawned bright and sunny with a welcome breeze to lessen the gathering heat and humidity which made gardening too unpleasant after we returned home from an outing.

By courtesy of Danni’s voucher birthday present to Jackie we enjoyed a most enjoyable brunch at Rosie Lea Tea Room (ex The Hobler Inn) on Southampton Road. My already plentiful and well cooked Full English breakfast was supplemented by my wife’s donation of her hash browns and toast.

These were the garden views from the marquee which we occupied.

From there we drove to Pilley for an up to date record of the scene. The lake is fuller after the recent rains;

more of Quarry Cottage is mirrored in the additional little pool;

it is still possible to walk across to take in

the view from the opposite side, in the foreground of which foxgloves linger and blackberries develop.

Today the lake invited further reflective photographs.

When approaching East Boldre from opposite Hatchet Pond I glimpsed waterlilies through trees. Jackie parked beside the verge along which I walked until I came to the open view I knew would emerge.

On the way I took in the delights of grasses, heather, blackberry blossom, and bees, one of which had become attached to a petal from a previously plundered plant.

Many of the ponies we passed were sheltering from what developed into a much hotter period. An exception was this group including a growing colt grazing along the roadside.

White butterflies flitted over a field of flax further along the road.

Having seen what we had for brunch, readers will not be surprised to learn that no later sustenance was required.


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  1. Your foxglove persist much longer than ours, and I always find them magical. I especially enjoyed your summery photos today, on a gray day here. I hope the rest of your evening is as lovely

  2. I loveled those waterlilies Derrick …I have fond memories of ‘our’ waterlily pond with its resident goldfish …

  3. We love big breakfasts and often it’s after a late sleep-in and make it the main meal of the day…with maybe a scoop of ice-cream or biscuit with a cup of tea a few hours before bedtime. But then again, your big breakfast is much bigger than ours. Well done…if it was all eaten.

  4. What a hearty breakfast! Jackie looks lovely and ready to enjoy the meal.

    Waterlilies are such a delight.

  5. Well, I love the field of nodding flax blossoms. They used to grow flax in this area, and there is an old abandoned flax mill not far from Myrtleford.

  6. I like the heather, water lilies, ponies and the great bee shots! It’s nice to know some living things (like flowers and bees) are benefiting from the hot weather. I imagine the ponies found shade later.

  7. wonderful outing and a hearty brunch! and a beautiful gallery of pictures for us today, Derrick! love the reflections on the water! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  8. Jackie’s delight is contagious, and although you are on the other side of the lens, your contentment is manifest in her expressions. It was a rejuvenating outing for me too, aided by the breakfast of delicious pictures. The lake made me nostalgic for the tranquility and solace lost to chaotic tangle of the cramped city life I am relegated to. Today’s pony photos are special.

  9. Oh, my! Jackie’s wonderful reaction is my reaction to the food…and I’m only seeing it in photos! Wait…I think I can smell the delicious aroma! πŸ˜‰
    Always love your reflection photos! Part of Quarry Cottage shining bright in the water mirror! Perfection!
    The waterlilies remind me that beauty can emerge even from the muddiness in life. πŸ™‚
    Bees, butterflies and ponies make for a joyful day!
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚

  10. That brunch looks delightful–setting and food! What a lovely day you both had. There are so many wonderful photos I can’t choose a favorite.

  11. That brunch would fill up even the largest man. I’m glad you both enjoyed Jackie’s present!
    The ponies are beautiful!!

  12. Wonderful breakfast, top class present and delightful company. I was about to query whether that was linseed, rather than flax. I looked it up before posting and found they are the same thing. I never knew that.

  13. It looks like you and Jackie had a wonderful outing, and a good breakfast. I like these views of your countryside too, lush, green and punctuated with colorful wildflowers.

    That looks like a familiar mare and foal from other outings. The little one is growing fast!

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