Clear Paths

Today remained hot-sticky-humid throughout with very little sunshine. This morning Jackie ironed the last bedsheet; this afternoon I pressed the last three shirts.

The Head Gardener continued clearing, composting, and planting; while I applied myself to dead heading

such as Mamma Mia, Crown Princess Margareta, and Absolutely Fabulous; and to gathering up heaps of clippings.

Day lilies and everlasting sweet peas continue to proliferate.

The Brick and Gazebo paths are now clear once more,

as is the Phantom Path running between Margery’s and the Cryptomeria Beds.

Soon after we arrived here we found the iron ends of this bench in the jungle that we inherited. I bought timber for the slats and fitted them into place. It has become somewhat unsteady. Today Jackie reinforced it with metal stakes and resettled it. We no longer need to be apprehensive when sitting on it.

During a rest period I read enough more of David Copperfield to scan the next three of Charles Keeping’s excellent illustrations.

‘ ‘Miss Mowcher!’ ‘

‘My aunt sat looking benignantly on me, from among the borders of her nightcap’

In ‘People about me crying ‘Silence!’, and ladies casting indignant glances at me’ Mr Keeping makes the reason clear.

This evening we dined on roast chicken thighs; firm carrots and broccoli; tender cabbage; and boiled potatoes, with which Jackie drank more of the Sauvignon Blanc and I finished the Fleurie.


  1. Your Final scan of ‘at the theatre’ is a wonderful illustration, depicting the characters expressions superbly Derrick ..

  2. This set of illustrations resembles caricatures, with the exception of the last one, demonstrating the artist’s delightful sense of humor.
    Your roses are lovely, Derrick.

  3. I love your garden paths. I especially love that you rescued and repaired the old bench from the jungle! Good job! But I do not iron sheets. To be honest, I very rarely iron, though David will sometimes iron a shirt for church.

  4. I had to sit down and fan myself a bit when I read about you ironing sheets. I still will iron a pillowcase now and then, but I think the last “then” was about five years ago. You surprised me with “Mama Mia.” I thought we might have an ABBA serenade, but MM is a rose!

  5. All this greenery and color is a delight to the eye, especially with everything turning burn here in the summer heat. Fire season is already underway. There is only one that is within an hour of here, a new fire, but it is small at this point, and easily accessible by fire fighters. The wind is currently from the west. Pray it continues to be from that direction and does not switch and blow from the east.

  6. The trimmed paths have added a certain grace to the garden apart from facilitating navigation. The resurrected bench must be happy to be put to use again.

    Despite my well meaning intentions to begin re-reading David Copperfield and benefit from Keeping’s artistry, I have not been able to do so due to relocation of my dwellings to the chaotic capital of my country, prompted by the marching orders issued to me by my employer. So, the illustrations continue to be a reminder to get hold of my bearings once again.

  7. Well done on your paths – they look well cleared, indeed!
    I think that clear paths and sharp edges of the grass have the same effect on a garden as hoovering a room – an instant lift! Having spent the after-work evening, until late, clearing a tiny proportion of our driveway, I so admire (and envy!) your cleanly cleared routes… long may they last before green again!

  8. Hi Derrick – the third image from the CK take on The story is detailed and good – however – the second one has more of that subtly slightly disturbing suggestion feel to it – the aunt in her night cap is depicted almost in a Giving birth position or as having a Bm? The strong band on the thighs -? Not sure she would have this posture and then her legs feel too masculine for this aunt character –

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