A Very Thoughtful Gift

As Jessie left this morning to return home to Primrose Hill, Jackie and I drove to Elizabeth’s to wait for a Parcel Force delivery while she kept a hospital appointment.

We took a minor diversion through the forest on our way home.

Groups of pigs from the verges and the greens of Pilley converged on the sward carpeted with silver birch catkins which they crunched with the delight of a child chomping on his Rice Crispies breakfast cereal.

A llama pricked up its ears as I approached its field at East End, where

donkeys dawdled up the road, pausing to sample prickles along the way.

While at Elizabeth’s I read more of ‘Our Mutual Friend’ and this afternoon scanned three more of Charles Keeping’s inimitable illustrations.

‘The train rattled among the hose-tops’ gave the artist scope to display his perspective skills.

‘They began driving among low-lying water-side wharves and docks’

‘Bella and Mrs Boffin took a good long look and one another’

Before dinner we drove out to Hatchet Pond in order to Photograph the sunset.

During the afternoon Jackie received, delivered by Amazon, a very generous gift from Jessie, who had enjoyed the solar lights.

As soon as we arrived home she dashed out to plant and photograph the treasure. Thank you very much, Jessie.

This evening we reprised yesterday’s roast dinner with similar beverages.


  1. Oh, wow, is there anything more exciting than a new “pretty” for the garden? That’s a gorgeous light. I always love the animal photos and was happy to se a llama in the group. The sunset pics are magnificent.

  2. This is the best use of Amazon I have heard of – what a clever idea, for Jessie to have arranged for them to deliver the perfect gift to be delivered on the evening of her departure!
    Your sunset pictures tonight are simply sublime.
    Tomorrow will be sunny, looking at those amazing skies πŸ™‚

  3. I thought you should have a fairy at the bottom of your garden. A little thank you both for such a lovely visit xx

  4. I love the first image of the pig, those trotters look as though they’re about to dance a jig!
    Oh, and the sunset images over Hatchet pond are just magnificent.

      1. A cattle grid? I imagine it’s what is called “mata burros” in latin america? A ditch at the gate with steel cylinders so a car can pass but not cattle?

  5. I love that solar light! What a beautiful gift from Jessie! And thank you, Derrick and Jackie, for all the wonderful porkers and animals of the forest photos. Sundown on the pond was a lovely finish to the day.

    I am still enjoying the Charles Keeping illustrations.

  6. Shots of the Hatchet Pond at dusk are breathtakingly beautiful. The golden hour of photography has met with the Midas touch of your hands to produce this feast. The framing, exposure and the combination of shadows and backlit trees, everything is flawlessly perfect.

  7. An interesting collection of pigs – ‘your’ donkeys mostly look different from ours; beautiful sunsets and what a delightful surprise at the end of the day. It is ironic that you were waiting for a parcel on behalf of Elizabeth unaware that one would be delivered to your own door!

  8. Your reflection and sunset photos are AMAZING!!!!!! Oh, my gosh!
    What wonderful gift to Jackie! It found it’s perfect home in your garden! πŸ™‚
    The curly tails of the pigs, the ears of the llama, the face of the donkeys…all make me giggle! πŸ™‚
    Oh, on those Mr. Keeping illustrations…love all 3…the intricate lines, shapes and movements in the first 2 and the emotion in the last one. πŸ™‚
    ((((HUGS))) <3 for you and Jackie!
    PS…your poetic descriptions that accompany your photos always bring me smile! πŸ™‚

  9. Hatchett pond looks beautiful at sunset time πŸ™‚ Who is it named after? We don’t see pigs and donkeys in my place but they are in plenty in the northern part of our state. Thank you for sharing.

  10. The photos of Hatchett Pond are so beautiful.

    I’d been wondering what the pigs might eat – had heard there was a dearth of acorns this year.

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