Fitting Perfectly

Connor and Josh completed their work on our floor this afternoon.

The last stages had them working on different locations alongside each other, and finally together as the work was completed in the vestibule.

Connor’s fitting of the tiles round the WC bowl and macerator; and his joins at the corner of the doors fit perfectly, and the link between the hall and vestibule is a seamless operation.

After spending some time putting things back together again, I scanned the next three of Charles Keeping’s exemplary illustrations to ‘Dombey and Son’,

‘There was a labyrinth of scaffolding raised all round the house’

‘The afflicted foreigner remained clasping Miss Tox to his heart’

‘Mrs Skewton smirked at her cadaverous self in the glass’

This evening we dined on second helpings of Jackie’s wholesome, well-filled beef and onion pie with accompanying vegetables, with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank Patrick Chodot Fleurie 2019.


  1. Such skilled work on the floor–which is beautiful–and in Keeping’s drawings. I love how he capture’s so much–the characters’ expressions are so wonderful.

  2. I had to find out what a macerator does in a bathroom. Now I know. We have a septic system, but no macerator.

    lunch time in Australia. I am am having left over baked salmon and baby asparagus, and will have some raspberries and blueberries for after. No quaffing, but I will at dinner time.

    it’s cherry season here; I must get in the car and get to a nearby orchard.

  3. The flooring is beautiful and brings warmth to the room. I too am a fan of the line ‘Mrs Skewton smirked at her cadaverous self in the glass’.

  4. Those floors are expertly done. I appreciate how all the pieces fit together so nicely and it would please me to see that every day. That’s great craftsmanship!

  5. When I had tile work done over the summer, I marveled at the beautiful fit around odd and uneven walls and doorways. I see that you notice this same thing. I am so impressed with how the laminate flooring fits perfectly against the wall in every shot, even around doorway trim and the toilet. Your new floors are stunning, Derrick. It has got to be satisfying to look at them.

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