Fitting Perfectly

Connor and Josh completed their work on our floor this afternoon. The last stages had them working on different locations alongside each other, and finally together as the work was completed in the vestibule. Connor’s fitting of the tiles round the WC bowl and macerator; and his joins at the corner of the doors fitContinue reading “Fitting Perfectly”

A Masterclass

This morning Connor and Josh prepared the boards they had laid yesterday by “feathering’ them with a mixed cement-like material and leaving it to dry while they went on to another job leaving me in charge of their powerful heater. The skim was then smoothed in preparation for fitting the tiles, which is what theyContinue reading “A Masterclass”

“Would You Like To Photograph Connor Doing Something In The Bathroom?”

Connor and Josh from Crestwood arrived promptly this morning to carry out the first stage of the final flooring project. We are most fortunate to have enjoyed Connor’s work on all three ground floor jobs. First the original floorboards were smoothed and swept. Some of these required screwing down to form a flat surface forContinue reading ““Would You Like To Photograph Connor Doing Something In The Bathroom?””

The Holly And The Ivy

  Our white sofa, being a sofa bed, is extremely heavy. In order to avoid damaging the new flooring, this morning Connor called upon Mark to help him lift it into place. Jackie ventured into the garden on this much brighter day than yesterday, announcing “I am going into the garden to photograph some loveliness.”Continue reading “The Holly And The Ivy”