A Dream Of Horrible Faces

Jackie and I spent the morning reminiscing with Becky while her daughter caught up with jet-lagged sleep.

After lunch I printed out a 15 page application form for Flo’s registration with our GP.

I then sent Paul Clarke larger images of Margery from our recent exchange. The first photograph was taken by Rachel Adams for the Southampton Echo.

I then read more of ‘Bleak House’ and scanned four more of Charles Keeping’s excellent illustrations to my Folio Society edition.

‘There he sits, munching and gnawing’ makes a text sandwich.

‘The waitress returns bearing a pile of plates’

‘Mr and Mrs Smallweed while away the rosy hours’

A double page spread is employed for ‘The crowd hovers round, like a dream of horrible faces’

This evening we all dined on Jackie’s succulent sausages in red wine; creamy mashed potatoes; crunchy carrots; and firm Brussels sprouts. Becky peeled the spuds and leant an elbow to the mashing. The Culinary Queen and I repeated yesterday’s beverages; the others abstained.


  1. Dickens’ withering description of the ‘son’ as having a ‘lean and anxious mind…’ is as descriptive as Keeping’s amazing images. So detailed and colourful, yet all laid out in black and white.
    What amazingly talented individuals they were. Who needs TV when they have storytellers like that?!

  2. I don’t blame Florence for catching up on sleep.
    Good grief! Fifteen pages seems a little over the top for someone who was born here.

  3. Flo found the perfect spot to relax in your garden! I like the Keeping drawings… especially the “munching and gnawing’ …text sandwich.”

  4. I admit to hurrying as fast as I could past the scary faces. But I love the photo of Margery sitting in the garden like a queen on her garden throne.

  5. I did read it this morning but it didn’t stick to my brain, too excited about my day.

    However, I’m making time now to read your post. Honestly, I’m glad I did. Oh, and I’m so pleased to see this beautiful lady near top, and sitting in the garden chair, is actually shorter than me. 😉 Have a great time catching up.

    1. I guess it must be – because Flo hadn’t had a GP(!) 🙂 in UK for 7 years – otherwise her previous GP would pass on details. Thanks very much GP

  6. “A dream of horrible faces” is so evocative–something everyone can relate to, and as always, Keeping’s drawings are just as evocative. Lovely photos, too.
    15 pages all to fill out? That does seem excessive.

  7. I’m responding to the most important thing in this post! Jackie’s cooking, that is. I don’t think I give sufficient attention to Lady J.’s delicious-sounding meals, and I should. You are blessed to live with such a good chef, Derrick. My best to you both, and the family.

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