From Wilverley Plain To Rhinefield Road

After a morning’s further catching up with ourselves and reminiscing, Becky and Flo spent much of the day registering for NHS and banking services; shopping; and various other administrative matters.

This afternoon Jackie drove me into the forest.

I wandered among ponies on Wilverley Plain, where a group of potential surfers failed to keep a kite in the air.

Outside Brockenhurst Jackie parked at the corner of Forest Park Road while I wandered among ponies in the woodland alongside, which was littered with

timber from broken trees in various stages of decomposition littering forest floor.

When we prepared to move on a number of the ponies crossed the road to disrupt the traffic and to impede our departure.

Our last stop was the Blackwater Car Park, from which I wandered among the woodland and photographed rippling reflections on the stream flowing under the bridge.

This evening we dined on second helpings of yesterday’s sausages in red wine with fresh vegetables; Jackie and I drank the same beverages as last night; Flo drank fruit juice; Becky abstained.


  1. Hope that Becky and Flo got through the red tape ok! Wonderful equine shots, the “Pony through windscreen” staring at you seems to say “Seriously, you want ME to move?”

  2. The ponies are always so cute, but how do you get them off of the road? Give ’em a smack on the bum! Jackie’s food sounds so delicious, Derrick. I thought you call sausages Bangers? ??❤️

    1. Bangers they are, John. We just wait for the ponies to go – we are never in much of a hurry. Other drivers do try the smack on the bum, which doesn’t always work. Thanks a lot.

  3. It is good to see that your chaffeuse is fully restored to action. I liked ‘Rippling reflections in woodland stream’ the best of today’s admirable offerings.

  4. The forest seems unperturbed by the calamitous upheavals elsewhere in the world. You have captured your favourite subjects, the ponies and reflections in their various moods.

  5. So many beautiful photos! I especially enjoyed the special blue in the sky, the mossy stump and branch, the leaping pony, and the enchanted woodland.

  6. The images of the ponies are lovely and I enjoyed the woodland wander and the tranquil streams with beautiful reflections.

  7. I’m catching up with posts. So many beautiful photos in this one Derrick–ponies, trees, woodland. I was particularly taken with the woodland scenes. The first one caught my eye, but all of them are lovely. They give me a sense of peace.

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