Blooming Today

On another bright, cold, morning I nipped upstairs to photograph from above

Florence continuing her general clearing of the garden beds.

After lunch I focussed on a few flowers, including Amanogawa cherry; varieties of cyclamen, of daffodils, of camellias, of tulips; smiling pansies; a sunlit hellebore; a hanging fritillary; and a sweetly scented Daphne Odorata Marginata.

A number of seemingly drowsy bumble bees seem to need a rest on leaves between blooms.

Ian had returned home last night because he had work to do today, so he was unable to join us for this evening’s dinner which consisted of Jackie’s wholesome cottage pie; crunchy carrots and cauliflower; tender cabbage, and meaty gravy, with which The Culinary Queen drank Hoegaarden, Becky drank Mavrodaphni of Patra Kourtaki, and I drank Bold Vine Zinfandel 2019.


  1. Such a beautiful blossom header image!
    It is odd that the bumble bees sometimes seem so sleepy at this time of the year – I can understand it in the late summer / autumn (when they also seem to enjoy the fermenting apples, which must add to their general soporific nature), but why sleepy in spring too?!

  2. Oh, the garden is abloom with so many lovely flowers. How I wish I could grow cyclamens in my gardens. Too cold for them here, although with the way things are going, who knows? Must be great to have Flo’s help.

    1. Flo is definitely a godsend, especially as Martin has been unable to come because of positive testing. He is OK, though, and finishes isolation today. Thanks very much, Laurie

  3. I love that Florence began work early in the day and still in her pyjamas, we do that too!
    Those floral images are really lovely and a pleasure to view.

  4. I laughed to see Flo in what I thought were pajamas, but Sue’s comment suggests they were exactly that. What fun to have it warm enough to be able to wander like that. The flowers are just gorgeous. There’s a camillia shrub I thought was gone after our freeze, but when I passed it yesterday I saw leaves on the bottom third. It has a way to go to equal yours, but maybe there will be a bloom or two.

  5. Your flowers are so pretty! I love all of them, especially the camellias and pansies, and of course the daffodils. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Florence is persisting in her enterprise with a zeal and is an exceptional subject for portraits. Photos of the fresh flowers are brilliant.

  7. Wow! What a bounty of Springtime flowers! They appeared one by one when I viewed your post, so a slow opening response to the plethora of blossoms turned out to be a “look at me first, enjoy me, then you can see the next one” show. I enjoy how you end your posts with an account of the meal and drinks enjoyed.

      1. No problem, Derrick. It enhanced the view in an oddly satisfying way. Slow loading of a post usually is tiresome, but this was like a little flower show, pausing at each flower so one could enjoy it in its singularity!

  8. I was glad to read in your comments that Martin is OK and finishes isolation today. That was good news. Your photos of the flowers today are spectacular, Derrick. As you know, things are rather bleak here in SW Montana right now, so I relish the opportunity to vicariously enjoy your springtime garden. Thank you so much for sharing. <3

  9. The selection of flowers was very pleasing, and comforting to see in these times of dark international news. I especially love the cyclamens. Flo has a beautiful smile to go with all those colorful blooms!

  10. I love the pictures of Flo–such a pleasure to get your hands in the dirt and be in a garden. I also envy your cyclamen outside, coming back year after year like those charming primulas growing in your ditches…

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