Hard Going

Late this afternoon, while Becky and Flo shopped in Lymington, Jackie and I took a forest drive via Brockenhurst, Rhinefield Ornamental Drive, Linwood, Appleslade and Ringwood.

While Jackie parked the Modus alongside Rhinefield Road, both of us enjoying the gentle birdsong in the otherwise silent woodland, I crunched and crackled over the beech nuts, the browned autumn leaves, and the brittle, lichen covered, twigs scattered across the bone dry forest floor, as I wandered among the trees lit by the lowering sun.

Seated in the Modus Jackie was passed by a quartet of cyclists as she photographed

the woodland,

including “Where’s Derrick” (7)

Further along, as we approached the underpass beneath the A31, a pony and a pair of cyclists were nicely silhouetted.

More ponies and the same four cyclists were seen on the moorland and the road through Linwood.

Cattle and ponies occupied the now hazy landscape at Appleslade, where the poor injured creature bringing up the bovine rear

found the journey very hard going.

This evening we enjoyed Becky’s spicy savoury rice accompanying Lidl’s very meaty spare ribs, with which Jacki drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Zinfandel.


  1. When I viewed the gallery, #10/17 of the Woodland photos was my favorite for the size, shape, and hollows of the tree. When I viewed the photos full-size, #14/17 of the Woodland photos was my favorite for the silvery colors and accented by the green tree in the middle.

  2. Such beautiful photos. I really love those trees in the first galleries–I see arms and eyes, magnificent creatures!
    I love the glowing light on the ponies and moorland, and then the different light on the cattle.

  3. Jackie sure keeps an eye on you, Derrick! Beautiful photos as always, and the two visible cyclists were riding eBikes, or electric bikes.

  4. The hazy mist is beautiful – and mesmerizing – I see why the cow was so contemplative in her walking!
    The silhouette of pony and riders is such a lovely shot too. I hope they didn’t collide?!

  5. I spotted you by the pine tree, Derrick! I don’t think I have ever seen that many beechnuts on the ground. Must have been a good year for them. I miss the beeches that grew everywhere back east. I hope the injured cow was alright.

  6. Yes, a very nice silhouette. The one greise tree with some green, in the โ€˜woodlandโ€™ makes my imagination see some tall creatures front legs, from the knees down. An imagination is a wonderful thing. Oooohhh, spare ribs, save a couple of the leftovers for me. Happy Spring, Derrick!

  7. Today’s woodland photos are especially beautiful and crisp. I love the big old trees with mossy skirts. I hope someone will call the vet for the poor injured cow.

  8. I really like the silhouette of the horse and bikers. How nice for Jackie that Becky cooked supper. No matter how much you like to cook, it is nice to have a night off.

  9. I imagined birds chirping in the brooding woodland, four cyclists rolling up and down the pitch road that meanders aimlessly, and was gripped by a desire to skip the workday business awaiting to engulf me. Like that poor cattle, itโ€™s a hard going ahead. I noticed you towards the left third in the middle of the frame hiding well in the quiz image.

      1. Thanks, Derrick. More than the work, itโ€™s the mundaneness and mediocrity one has to put up with that pose questions of existential nature.

    1. Hard to tell, but certainly a leg in a bad way. We have seen these cattle on their nightly journey before, and hoped the farmer would be on hand. Thanks very much for your concern, Yvonne

  10. I hope the owner of the cow with foot/leg problems is made aware that the animal needs treatment.
    We have a fair few sheep undergoing daily foot treatment, it’s sad to see them limping or walking three legged.

  11. It looks such a peaceful place, far away from the troubles of the world. The trees are fascinating and your photos make me feel I am there. Thank you.

  12. The silhouette of the pony and cyclists is particularly striking.

    In general, the light is so beautiful at this time of year. The shots of the animals in hazy sunshine look so calming.

  13. Aw, I feel bad for the cow. I hope someone helped her out.

    Loved the photos of the trees and the moss. And the silhouette is wonderful. I was able to spot you but had to zoom in to be sure.

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