On The Spit

Anticipating that yesterday’s weather pattern would be reversed today, Jackie and I took an early drive to Saltgrass Lane, where visitors were already amassing, some clearly having slept, or still sleeping, in camper vans lining the road.

Silhouetted figures tracked along

gravelled Hurst spit;

eager crabbing was under way from the bridge;

reflecting swans preened in the rippling stream;

speedy swathes of turnstones skittered across the road.

This afternoon, in response to a question from a follower, I found no picture on this post, despite the message Attempt Block Recovery:

Although I am not sure which picture was there originally, I have added one with the text and another as a header.

This evening we dined on perfectly cooked Bangers, mash, cauliflower, carrots, green and red cabbage, and meaty gravy, with which I finished the Coonawarra red wine while no-one else imbibed.


  1. Jackie has a wonderful smile and the glow of a woman welcoming a child. I didn’t realize you had Becky with Jackie, so I’m glad to have that puzzle piece in place. And I read somewhere this week that Jackie had been a librarian. No wonder you two have such an organized library.

  2. Looks like human-beans and birds are having fun! 🙂
    “…speedy swathes of turnstones skittered across the road.” Love this photo and description! They look determined…like they have somewhere important to get to!
    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ and (((HUGS))) for everyone at your home!

  3. I am glad you and Jackie took an early drive, Derrick. I very much enjoy seeing the shore and birds.

    That is a beautiful photo of Jackie and Becky, Derrick. Jackie has a very radiant smile, and I love the description of Becky. “I still retain the image of that chubby, sleepy, head, with eyes clenched shut like a dormouse having been disturbed from hibernation, crowned with thick, black, damped down hair”

  4. Beautiful photos, Derrick, and I enjoyed the “A Knight’s Tale (53: A Stormy Birth)” post. What a beautiful photo of Jackie.

  5. It looks a bit like the sort of day when you have to be pretty determined to have seaside fun actually to get out of your camper van at all.

  6. When I read ‘on the spit,’ I assumed the post would be about meat of some sort, slow cooking over a well-tended fire. Obviously, reference to ‘spits of land’ are more common elsewhere than on the Texas coast!

  7. Such poor weather we’re having and it seems to be the same everywhere, rain and gales. Such a shame for those who have gone away.
    Victoria and family (and Jess) are in Scotland. Elizabeth and family are in the Lake District.
    The most Joshua and I have done this week is wander around John Lewis in Leeds!

  8. Your words fit the beauty of this picture perfectly: “speedy swathes of turnstones skittered…” Thanks for the bird lesson. I had no idea what turnstones were! Now I do! How nice that you were able to get out and enjoy all that lovely nature! <3

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