‘Carer Fills The Dosset Box’

After yesterday’s trip I have to accept I can no longer just wait for my right knee to heal itself. Today, apart from a drive to the GP’s, I have furniture walked, with not a glimmer of polish. Given that Jackie is awaiting surgery on her left knee, she has speculated that we might doContinue reading “‘Carer Fills The Dosset Box’”


This morning I walked a route I had first discovered on 5th of April. I followed a large truck along  the footpath to the right of Downton Lane. This soon joined two others between the maize fields, the nearest of which was now stubble. I wandered along to the last vehicle and engaged in an entertainingContinue reading “Carnival”

‘They Don’t Cook The Veg’

Last night I began reading ‘Her Brilliant Career – Ten Extraordinay Women of the Fifties’ by Rachel Cooke. Early this morning I received an e-mail from Alex Schneideman attaching rebalanced copies of my two historic photos from yesterday. They were so pleasing that I substituted them for my own versions in that day’s post.  TheContinue reading “‘They Don’t Cook The Veg’”


The front cover of Iain Pears’ novel ‘An Instance Of The Fingerpost’ bears a quotation from P.D.James: ‘A fictional tour de force which combines erudition with mystery’.  And she should know.  I finished reading this book of Margery’s this morning.  Four different narrators take it in turns to give their somewhat contradictory versions of aContinue reading “Cannizaro”


In my post dedicated to him, I say that Alex Schneideman made me a present of one of his portraits of me.  This is number 21 in the ‘through the ages series’, taken on 17th March 2009.  It seems appropriate to feature it at this time, because behind me in the flat in Sutherland place, are someContinue reading “Showstopper”

This Train Is Not Stopping At…….

In my post of 18th June I wrote of Alex Schneideman’s gift of a photographic portrait of me.  This was reproduced as number 21 in the ‘through the ages’ series.  Behind me are some of the thousands of books I am in the process of moving from 29 Sutherland Place where I was living atContinue reading “This Train Is Not Stopping At…….”

Alex Schneideman

On another oppressively humid overcast day Jackie drove me to Southampton whence I had an uneventful journey to Waterloo.  From there, along, it seemed, with the rest of the world, I walked across Golden Jubilee Bridge which runs parallel with an older railway one; past Charing Cross; through Trafalgar Square; along Pall Mall; up HaymarketContinue reading “Alex Schneideman”