Stinging Choice

We began a dull, humid, day with a shopping trip to Lidl, followed by a forest drive. By the time the choppy waves of the open sea splashing over the quayside reached the sheltered harbour at Mudeford they were but ripples upon the dirty grey sandy shore. Silhouetted pines with gnarly roots separate the twoContinue reading “Stinging Choice”


During the power cut yesterday evening I finished reading being the fourth of Anthony Trollope’s Barsetshire novels. I have to say I found this one rather ponderous in its political and philosophical passages, giving the impression that the periodical pattern of its publication promoted such prolixity. Trollope’s familiar themes of love, marriage, and matriarchal machinations;Continue reading “Versatility”

I Held One Back

Last night I finished reading: One of Trollope’s shorter works, this deals with familiar themes concerning the status of women; socio-economic inequalities; intrigue and romantic entanglements. It is a tragic love story breaching differences in fortune, in social class, in geography, and in religion. As usual the prose flows along smoothly to the tale’s surprising,Continue reading “I Held One Back”

The American Senator

Earlier in the week I finished reading and awaited a day of dull weather to feature it in a post. Today was such a day. The eponymous character plays very little part in Trollope’s story, but he is a device used by the author to criticise English cultural aspects including, The Law, Parliament, social inequalityContinue reading “The American Senator”


I spent this entire afternoon reading and listening to rain pattering on the windows. Over several years some decades ago I was rash enough to collect Anthony Trollope’s entire oeuvre as presented by the Folio Society. It is the sheer volume of this work that prompts me to consider this enterprise rash. I doubt thatContinue reading “Stories”

Heirloom Or Paraphernalia

No less an accomplished novelist than P.D.James has provided a positive introduction to my Folio Society 1990 edition of Anthony Trollope’s ‘The Eustace Diamonds’. Ms James has accurately analysed the characters featured in the book, and rightly, highlighted Trollope’s understanding of the nature of women and the plight of those without an income in VictorianContinue reading “Heirloom Or Paraphernalia”

Meal Of The Day

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Susan Rushton’s post earlier today featured colchicums. There are a number of different varieties of these autumn crocuses. Ours are different, and a bit battered by wind and rain. I think they are speciosum. Here they are Susan. Whilst on my way to obtain the first twoContinue reading “Meal Of The Day”

Mains Gas

 CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. THOSE IN GROUPS ACCESS GALLERIES THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE.   Last night I finished reading ‘Can You Forgive Her?’ by Anthony Trollope. Originally published in serial form, like other Victorian novels, this saga of family and politics was the forerunner of today’s television series. The book was theContinue reading “Mains Gas”

Barchester Towers.

CLICK ON ANY OF THE DRAWING IMAGES TO ACCESS THE GALLERY THAT BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. It may not have escaped some readers’ awareness that I have been struggling against a ailment of some sort for the last few days. This morning, Jackie made an appointment, forced me into the car, and drove me toContinue reading “Barchester Towers.”