Heirloom Or Paraphernalia

No less an accomplished novelist than P.D.James has provided a positive introduction to my Folio Society 1990 edition of Anthony Trollope’s ‘The Eustace Diamonds’. Ms James has accurately analysed the characters featured in the book, and rightly, highlighted Trollope’s understanding of the nature of women and the plight of those without an income in VictorianContinue reading “Heirloom Or Paraphernalia”

No Resolution

CLICK ON SMALLER IMAGES TO ACCESS LARGE GALLERIES.┬áTHESE CAN BE FURTHER ENLARGED This morning Aaron began taking dead branches out of the cypress tree. As can be seen, there is still much colour in the garden. I photographed him and made him an A4 print which I cannot upload, receiving the same message as yesterday.Continue reading “No Resolution”