None Of That Nonsense

Late this afternoon rain had brought abandonment to the first day of the fourth Ashes Test match, but here it was reasonably warm and sunny. Jackie, hindered by Nugget, continued planting, while I wandered around the garden. Clematis Marie Boisselot, in her third flush, has now toned down her blue rinse. Other clematises, such asContinue reading “None Of That Nonsense”

Pink Champagne

Jackie’s Chequerboard fuchsia is not hardy, so she has brought it into the bedroom for the winter, and it has flowered again.  It struck me this morning as being in perfect harmony with its surroundings. It was to seem even more an appropriate colour match for today’s later encounter. By 9.00 a.m. we were inContinue reading “Pink Champagne”

Morrison’s Petunia

This morning the Castle Malwood Card Making factory, despite Jackie’s illness, was very busy.  Fifty three cards were added to the forty seven produced two days ago. Our division of labour remained the same.  My assistant is indispensable.  She does, however, continue to wonder what we will do with them all should they not sell.Continue reading “Morrison’s Petunia”