Sunny Rooms

Today the sun shone its light into our rooms. As yesterday, accessing the gallery by clicking on any image will reveal individual titles. This afternoon I watched the televised Six Nations rugby matches between Italy and Ireland, and between Wales and England. Dinner this evening consisted of tasty baked gammon; creamy mashed potatoes; piquant cauliflowerContinue reading “Sunny Rooms”

Just In Time To Catch It

I spent much of this day of sunshine and showers writing Christmas cards and making prints at my desk which has a direct view into the kitchen. It wasn’t far off sunset when we posted the messages, but we just had time to catch it at Mudeford. Note that the capsized boat I spotted aContinue reading “Just In Time To Catch It”

Ever-Changing Skies

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A GROUP TO ACCESS GALLERIES THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. THE INDIVIDUAL PHOTOGRAPH NEEDS JUST A CLICK. Aaron of A.P. Maintenance has recently completed the last section of fencing, and reorganised the compost bins. Today, he and his nephew Rory took away some of the resultant rubbish. This photographContinue reading “Ever-Changing Skies”

I Was Set Up

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. THOSE IN GROUPS ACCESS GALLERIES THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. Somewhat encouraged by the lack of adverse effects on my knackered knees after the long, flat, walk round Keyhaven and Lymington Nature Reserve, I decided to take the somewhat shorter, yet undulating, route through Honeylake Wood. At about halfwayContinue reading “I Was Set Up”

A Dog To Befriend

CLICK ON SMALLER, CLUSTERED, IMAGES TO ACCESS ENLARGED GALLERIES WHICH CAN BE FURTHER ENHANCED. Today I scanned more of the black and white negatives from the French holiday of 1985. Whilst we were in the woods featured yesterday, Matthew helped Sam make himself a den. We then explored the pastoral landscape, taking time out for MatContinue reading “A Dog To Befriend”

Save Our Stream

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Feeling considerably brighter today, I began by tackling two weeks administration. This involved settling bills, correspondence, and collecting a delivery that required a signature. Jackie drove us to Lymington to retrieve the package from the sorting office. Almost across the other side of the High Street is situated PeacockContinue reading “Save Our Stream”

The Beach House

Late on this crystal crisp clear blue sky morning Ian drove Scooby and me to Marine Drive, East, Barton on Sea, whence we walked along the clifftop. The Isle of Wight was again sporting a pastel palette, as we joined other dog walkers, many of whom are now familiar to Ian and Scooby, whose stanceContinue reading “The Beach House”

Fried Egg On Toast

Today was a real scorcher. I set off for the rose garden rather early, intending simply to dig a few holes for the plants plonked yesterday. No such luck. The head gardener had already been out there for an hour. On the south side of the entrance arch had straggled two rather unattractive shrubs. Jackie hadContinue reading “Fried Egg On Toast”