Shifting Light

This morning my gardening occupations combined dead heading and making photographs. These roses Summer Wine and Altissimo, both coming again, were too high for me to reach with hand secateurs, and I couldn’t be bothered to fetch the steps. Bigifying will probably be necessary to appreciate these bees on bidens, on Japanese anemones, and comingContinue reading “Shifting Light”

If Dan’s Grandfather Can Do It………

3.9.14 This morning I reacquainted myself with our Downton garden where I found signs of impending autumn. The phantom hydrangea turns pink during that season, and is beginning to do so now. Leaves are starting to fall, and, although the day was warm and sunny, the early temperature was a little cool. A new honeysuckle,Continue reading “If Dan’s Grandfather Can Do It………”

The Green Man

Today’s weather pattern was similar to yesterday’s. I therefore delved into the archives again and came up with another black and white picture of Sam looking remarkably like his daughter Orlaith, among a collection of shots of still naked trees that must have been taken early in 1982 somewhere in Surrey. I love the contortedContinue reading “The Green Man”