The Rebellion

Having now completed my reading of Charles Dickens’s “Nicholas Nickleby”, I scanned the last four of the dramatic and insightful Charles Keeping’s illustrations from my Folio Society edition of 1986. ‘They pressed forward to see’ ‘ ‘Come,’ said Tim, ‘let’s be a comfortable couple’ ‘The rebellion had just broken out’ ‘One grey-haired, quiet, harmless gentleman’Continue reading “The Rebellion”


Two days ago I mentioned that our reception at The Fishers Pond had been so insulting that we left without a meal. A rather more generous complaint than mine would have been is detailed here in a copy of my sister Elizabeth’s e-mail received today: ‘After a recent visit when I was so well receivedContinue reading “Lupercalia”


Bar the application of a few more bags of gravel, I finished the oval paths today. This involved first of all cleaning and weeding the brick section, then clearing and raking the gravelled lineĀ at the front. This last was the least problematic, having been in fairly regular use en route to the compost heap. TheContinue reading “Ache”