A Champion Sculler And An Auctioneer

This morning I scanned a few more recently rediscovered colour slides, of West Brompton Cemetery from February 2009. As can be seen from these first four images, this was the time for daffodils to bloom. At least two of the stones in the second picture bear the name Hannam; single blooms have been laid onContinue reading “A Champion Sculler And An Auctioneer”

Where Is The Body?

A friend of Aaron managed to tow away his truck which needs a new fuel pump. He hopes to have it repaired as soon as possible. On another very grey day I scanned more black and white negatives from May 2008 that didn’t appear in The Magnificent Seven publication. The first selection is from KensalContinue reading “Where Is The Body?”

Security For King George IV’s Coronation

On this drizzle-dismal day Jackie cut my hair and I scanned another batch of Black and White negatives from Brompton Cemetery in September 2008. The entrance gates bear the name of West London and Westminster Cemetery Company which opened the facility in 1840. Freshly dug graves, awaiting the settling of the soil, occupy the foregroundContinue reading “Security For King George IV’s Coronation”

Cemetery Scavengers

Today I watched the broadcast Six Nations Rugby internationals between Scotland and Wales; between England and Italy; and between France and Ireland, each in a Covid deserted stadium. During intervals I scanned a batch of black and white negatives produced in Brompton cemetery in May 2008. The second picture features the memorial casket of shipownerContinue reading “Cemetery Scavengers”

‘Good Haircut’

Yesterday I promised Richard a copy of the photograph of him shovelling shingle. I printed it A3+ size today, and am very pleased with it. Jackie drove me to Southampton Parkway after lunch. I then took my usual route to Carol’s, involving a train to Waterloo and a walk across Westminster Bridge and down VictoriaContinue reading “‘Good Haircut’”