Paddling Along The Thames Part One

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A GROUP TO ACCESS ENLARGED GALLERIES Given his abiding interest in Paddle Steamers, it was only to be expected that my friend Norman should celebrate his 70th birthday,     by hiring the Viscount to give all his friends a boat trip to remember. In the second of these images,Continue reading “Paddling Along The Thames Part One”

No More Shell Building

IMAGES CAN BE ENLARGED BY CLICKING ON THEM – TWICE IF NECESSARY As usual when I travel to London, Waterloo, Jackie drove me to and from New Milton today. Apart from the fact that the ticket office was closed because the system wasn’t working, and I held up the queue for the machine on theContinue reading “No More Shell Building”

Sun And Wind

Jackie provided her usual chauffeur service to and from New Milton for my London trip. The four coach train was as packed as usual. One gentleman kindly removed his luggage from one of the few available seats so that I could sit down. The gentleman opposite me was fast asleep. His baggage lay between his feetContinue reading “Sun And Wind”

1,000 Days

In bright sunlight this morning I played around with the super vivid setting on the camera. I reduced the saturation in the saw picture in order to reproduce the natural colours which still look pretty unreal. This tool was discovered when we were clearing the overgrown hedging on the back drive, and remains where weContinue reading “1,000 Days”

The Walking Stick

This morning I wandered round the garden and did a bit of weeding and dead-heading before delving into my colour slide archives to add a few pictures to the ‘posterity’ series. This is what the Houses of Parliament looked like in August 1964: Not very different to today, when, on my trips across Westminster BridgeContinue reading “The Walking Stick”


I began the day with a wander round the garden in the morning light. Jackie has been steadily working away at the creation of her open air gardener’s shed. This is what it looks like at the moment: As she walked under the weeping birch she came alongside the growing log pile that I willContinue reading “Bags”

‘Good Haircut’

Yesterday I promised Richard a copy of the photograph of him shovelling shingle. I printed it A3+ size today, and am very pleased with it. Jackie drove me to Southampton Parkway after lunch. I then took my usual route to Carol’s, involving a train to Waterloo and a walk across Westminster Bridge and down VictoriaContinue reading “‘Good Haircut’”

‘If It’s Worth A Photograph……’

Today’s advent picture is similar to the first, but has a different coloured central star.  This seems to me to offer far more variation than one would see today.  It is worthy of note that there are very few pedestrians admiring the window display and the vehicles on Regent Street in December 1963 are allContinue reading “‘If It’s Worth A Photograph……’”

The Banana Skin

I travelled by my usual means to Waterloo this morning, and from there took the Westminster Bridge route to Green Park.  There was a long queue on the M27, making my arrival at Southampton Parkway a little late.  Obligingly, the train was also tardy, but reached the London terminal on time. Bright sunshine coursing throughContinue reading “The Banana Skin”

Sod’s Law

On the train from Southampton to Waterloo, to which Jackie delivered me this morning, an extremely rowdy, already drunken group of young men bearing beer cans and plastic wine glasses, accompanied by very tiny fascinators flickering and wobbling above very weighty women wearing dresses to match, fortunately alighted at Winchester.  One of the men restedContinue reading “Sod’s Law”